Each month we bring you an overview of what kinds of photos sold well on EyeEm Market – and what you should be shooting to sell more. To wrap up the year, we decided to do things a bit differently: We’ve put together some tweets by community members who celebrate their sales with the #EyeEmPaid hashtag – and summed them up into recurring themes for you.

Point of View

We first recommended this kind of perspective in our Visual Trends report during the summer, and it’s fast become a classic. Image buyers love this viewpoint for the personal touch it adds to your photos and for allowing the viewer to put themselves into your shoes.


Showing the time of the year in your photographs makes them usable for seasonal marketing and a lot less generic. And it doesn’t mean you have to point your camera at foliage or snowmen – give the photos a little twist by adding the things characteristic for the season, like that melting ice cream cone below.


Here’s another theme we found to do consistently well – and a perfect one to monetize your free time activities. Travel photos tend to sell when they show iconic details, landmarks, or the food of your chosen destination.


Photos of people always do well since they’re a bit harder to take nicely and there isn’t such a big competition as there is for other subjects. In 2016, a big topic has been diversity – especially in the light of the American elections and the shooting at a Miami night club earlier in the year.

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Header by @fijitime71