#EyeEmPaid: Five Top-Selling Photo Themes in October

By Maya - 5 min read

Photo editor Maya talks us through some of the motifs buyers are looking for this month.

Each month, our team of photo editors reviews the bestselling photos from EyeEm Market. We look for emerging trends and popular themes to share with you – so that you can shoot and upload the kind of pictures buyers are looking for. From October’s images, I have identified two overall visual themes and three specific topics that work well.

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Round objects are a great way to make your photos stand out. As a geometric shape, circles naturally draw a viewer’s attention to a photo. The effect is similar to that of the vanishing point: Circles create an illusion of depth in a photo. Image buyers can leverage the effect for their marketing – and are themselves attracted to your photos.

Full frame shot of tubes

By Taru

High angle view of whirlpool in water

By Bill Carstairs

Silhouette man skateboarding in cement pipe at beach

By Nichlas Andersen

Directly above shot of drinking glass on table beside briefcase at airport

By Danielle Reid

Looking Up

This is a look that’s been gaining more and more popularity over the last years: Pointing your camera up to the sky shows a perspective we aren’t used to seeing in everyday life – simply because our gaze is usually directed forward. Looking up reveals new shapes and forms, transforming shots of nature and the urban environment into something new.

By Stephan Doetsch

Skyscraper leading to the sky with diamond shape abstract

By Hidekazu Tabuchi

Underwater photo of water surface

By Hisako Sugano

Directly below shot of concrete structure

By Peter Káni


With more than half of the world’s population living in cities, it’s no wonder that most photography comes out of urban areas. But of course these shots don’t reflect everyone’s reality. We’ve been seeing an uptick of sales for photos showing rural areas and agriculture – a trend caused by the farm-to-table food movement and the romantic notion of a simpler, rural life.

Excavator on grassy field against clear sky

By André Dogbey

Cropped image of customer giving money to vendor at market

By khairel anuar che ani

Sheep on grassy field against sky

By JWDuncan

Close-up of water drops on leaf

By Angela Elder

Personalized Cities

Cities are overrepresented in photography, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take interesting pictures of it. Photo buyers have been particularly interested in city shots that are taken from a personal perspective – both in terms of viewpoint and character. Show your favorite spots off the beaten path and include your friends or yourself in the picture. It adds a touch of personality and makes your photos get noticed.

Full length rear view of man standing on city street against sky at night


By Jordan Tempro

Boats on victoria harbor against two international finance center


Man driving car in city

By Javan Ng


Another great element you can employ in your pictures: Fog creates a sense of mystery and calmness, and it gives the viewer something to explore. Also, misty pictures reflect the reality of the season, when the mist hangs over our mornings and evenings each day.

Aerial view of cityscape covered with fog against sky during dusk


Trees growing in forest during foggy weather

By Erik Jonsson


By Nick

Deer in forest during foggy weather

By Bart

You can explore a larger selection of this month’s bestselling photos to spot more photo trends yourself. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to say hi to the photographers who sold.

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Header by @Bartval073.