#EyeEmPaid: Five Top-Selling Photo Themes in November

By Brada - 4 min read

Photo editor Brada talks us through some of the motifs buyers are looking for this month.

Each month, our team of photo editors reviews the bestselling photos from EyeEm Market. We look for emerging trends and popular themes to share with you, so that you can shoot and upload the kind of pictures buyers are looking for.

Color Portraits

When photographing people, it’s important to convey emotion. The creative use of color is one of the tools to enhance your images and make them really stand out.

Woman with brown hair against red brick wall

By fff

Shadow of man in swimming pool while jumping

By Carlo Zamora

Woman walking by building

By Andrew Hays

Man using mobile phone while sitting on rock at sea

By Mubariz Khan

Rear view of woman waiting at subway platform

By Yang Lu


Particularly now that the festive season is approaching, music is one of the many beautiful ways to share moments together.

Cropped image of musician playing violin

By Elix kc

High angle view of woman singing at concert

By Gisela “Gigi” Sotomayor

Cropped image of person playing cello against door

By Elix kc

Close-up of microphone against illuminated stage lights

By kat

People enjoying at party

By Tim


A classic – shadows emphasize the beauty of symmetry, small details and interiors.

People walking together

By Steffi

Window shadow on wall

By Melvi

Sunlight and shadow in corridor of historic building

By Geert Bollen

Shadow of patterned railing on woman leg

By red_dirt_girl

Striped shadow on woman

By Steffi

Starry Nights

From B&W to color, starry nights are simply beautiful. They’re a great way to signify the sparks and atmosphere of upcoming celebrations.

Majestic shot of snow capped mountains against clear sky

By Pico De Lucchi

Full frame shot of star field

By Vik

Low angle view of silhouette trees against constellation

By MK Photography

Low angle view of star field against star field

By Zachary Zirlin

Low angle view of star field against star field

By Seth Critchley

You can explore a larger selection of this month’s bestselling photos – you’ll be able to spot what works yourself. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to say hi to the photographers who sold!

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Header by @SethCritchley