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EyeEm x Huawei: Promoting a New Phone Through Several Missions

By chaoui - 2 min read

How we engaged the EyeEm Community Around Huawei’s P9 Launch

The partnership: EyeEm x Huawei

The challenge:

With the aim of reaching and engaging a diverse range of photographers around the launch of the Huawei P9 – their flagship smartphone co-engineered with Leica – Huawei wanted to tap into EyeEm’s creative community as a means of elevating their new product and striking up a global conversation with their intended audience.

Full frame shot of blue water and fish

By AnTiM

High angle view of skateboard at park

By Rosley

How we did it: Five Missions

The Huawei P9 and its Leica-branded dual lenses were brought into focus through five distinct Missions, harnessing the creativity of our 18 million-strong photography community. By utilizing the breadth of our communication channels, we were able to effectively cross-promote the Huawei P9 – and reach the right audience throughout.

The results: Freshly sourced photography

“Cross-promoting with EyeEm’s huge community was invaluable and allowed us to engage directly with our intended audience – we were amazed at the number and quality of submissions!
– Bianca Spada, Global Senior Digital Marketing Manager – Huawei Technologies

Silhouette man using phone against orange sky

By Karn Bulsuk

Pink flamingos preening outdoors

By Jon Wheeler

A glimpse at our sourcing success:

• 9 million likes
• 265,000 submitted photos
• 63,000 photographers contributed

Silhouette man playing volleyball against sky during sunset

By Ana LC

Low angle view of rollercoaster against clear blue sky

By Jess

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Header image by @rubalr