EyeEm x Google Pixel: Photowalks for the Launch of Pixel 3

By Jenna Black - 2 min read

EyeEm photographers were some of the first to try out the new Google Pixel 3, here we feature some of the images taken and our thoughts on the camera.

Over the last month, we’ve been taking photographers through Berlin on various photowalks to try out Google’s Pixel 3 device. We have to admit - this camera is pretty incredible. The Pixel 3 is strong in shooting low light scenes and portraits, and the sharpness of the images is impressive.

Sharp Images Captured in Low Light

The Pixel 3 AI camera makes it easy to take great photos with options like Top Shot - a feature that attempts to choose your best photo out of a series of shots. The phone also includes Night Sight mode, which stitches together a series of low light shots to create one image. As you can see from the images our community shot, the results are pretty great.

We started each walk at the Google Pixel Studio pop up in Berlin’s Mitte, and made our way around some of Berlin’s most iconic and recognizable places. Finishing off with drinks and a chance to check out the images. See some of our favorites below.

Want to see more from the photowalks? Check out the highlights here.

Ralf Pollack

Carolin Thiergart

Gen Sadakane


Nicolas Balcazar


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