EyeEm 2.2 for Android is Out!

By Severin - 4 min read

A heap of new features are coming with this version! Namely the option to add captions to your photos, a completely new upload screen, a new find friends feature, faster album loading & browsing and an easier way to connect to your social networks.

Taking Photos at Costa da Caparica by Psyca on EyeEm

Hey guys,

we’ve just released a major update for our Android app! There’s a heap of new features coming with this version, namelythe option to addcaptionsto your photos, a completelynew upload screen, a newfind friendsfeature, faster album loading & browsing and an easier way to connect to your social networks.

Update now and try it out!

Here’s the deets:

1. Add captions to your photos

You asked for it, now here we go: add captions to your photos! Some photos just need that extra bit of context, description or just a beautiful title – to add it, just tap on the bottom right on the upload screen and type away. Please note: in this version, you can either add an activity tag (purple bubble) or add a title.Let us know what you think about it!

2. A new upload screen

All social networks are now visible on one screen and the photo you are about to upload is blurred in the background, allowing for a better overview of the tagging bubbles.

3. More location info

When uploading a photo, tap on the green location bubble to select your location. What you see now is not only a list of the locations around you, but also a classification of these locations. You see Japanese Restaurants, Cafés, Supermarkets, Tech Startups… it’s a great help to properly tag where your photo was taken!

4. Find friends

You’ll now find the “Find friends” button directly on your profile. This button helps you to check which of your friends from Facebook or Twitter also hang out on EyeEm. In addition to that we added suggested users: these are users we recommend following and the list will be constantly updated. Who knows, you might be in there soon!

5. Connect to your social networks easily

Connecting to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and Foursquare is now a one-step process. Just tap on symbol at the upload screen and you’re being directed to the platforms login page. Now enter your details and you’re ready to share your EyeEm photo.

6. And faster album loading and browsing

Surfing the EyeEm universe has never been faster!

Got some feedback?

Most of these features are based on feedback that came directly from you, so don’t be afraid to tell us what you think. Just head over to our GetSatisfaction pageand tell us about your experience!