Exceptional Normalcy

By Brada - 7 min read

Rinko Kawauchi spots photos in the serenity of everyday life. This collection is inspired by the Japanese photographer.

One could argue that Japanese photographer Rinko Kawauchi is famous not just for her work, but also for her way of viewing the world. She made a name for herself by spotting motifs in small, serene moments. The Japan Times has called her a “master of finding stillness and purity in everyday life”, and it’s that ability which makes her images stand out.

Here I’ve put together a photo collection in that spirit. Taken by various members of the EyeEm community, these photos are a nod to Kawauchi’s famous style—and an inspiration to look for the exceptional in everyday life.

By sonezakinori

By Johannes Hulsch

By HuaGuoLiao

By Jessie Merz

By Thomas W.

By ササキ ユウ

By kchangi

By Victoria Nikitina


By Tegukilina

By Lily

By alvin.choon™

By YuKi C

By Jan T.

By Daria

By Jędrzej Kamiński

By Jan T.

By Khalil

By André Dogbey

By Giorgio Dal Monte

By Mariella R.

By Ylenia Comi

By Koukichi Takahashi