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Our Earth Day Visual Catalog Recognizes The Planet’s Dying Beauty

By Ellen Clipson - 2 min read

Introducing our free #EarthDay21 visual catalog. Our team and global creative community have come together to use the art of photography to recognize the significance of the fight against the climate crisis, not only on Earth Day, but all year round.

The art of photography is influential. It facilitates exploration, meditation, and discovery. Our team has created this free downloadable visual catalogue to bring together some of the best landscape, nature, and travel photography contributed by our global photography community.

Explore the epic imagery and powerful commentaries to join us in recognizing the beauty of our home planet and why it’s critical that we protect it.

Download your free #EarthDay2021 visual catalog or check out our new Earth Day image collection to see some photos of our planet’s undiscovered beauty and breathtaking sites.

Earth Day 2021: Using Photography to Raise Awareness

Our new Earth Day visual catalog celebrates the beauty of our planet through spectacular, breathtaking photography of EyeEm photographers around the globe.

“the relationship between Earth and art has an expiry date”

Yet, it also acts as a warning to us all that the relationship between the Earth and art has an expiry date. If we don’t do something about the current climate crisis the beautiful landscapes, wildlife, and cultures that we photograph today will not be there tomorrow if we don’t act now.

Download your free #EarthDay2021 visual catalog now and join us in recognizing our responsiblity to protect and restore our planet’s beauty.

The Earth Day Image Collection

Beyond our visual catalog, our team of photo editors have also created a stunning image collection of over 250+ ready to license landscape, nature, and travel photos for you to explore. It’s an amazing way of supporting photographers around the globe committed to capturing our planet’s most spectacular sites.

Access our new Earth Day image collection here to see more incredible landscape and nature images ready to license.

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