Dramatic Angles: Your Best Shots From the First School of Photography Mission

By Brada - 5 min read

Change your perspective with these pictures.

Last Tuesday, we launched the first Lesson of the EyeEm School of Photography. It was all about perspective: Photographer John Greengo explained how finding an unusual angle to shoot from makes pictures visually intriguing.

Everyone who has enrolled in the School of Photography not only gets the free Lesson but is also asked to apply it during a one-week Mission. The first Mission was called Dramatic Angles and before launching the second Lesson later today, we want to show you some highlights from the photos you submitted.

Thanks to everyone for taking part and congratulations if your photo was selected!

By Valentina Matelli

By Frame Me Please

By Daniel Truta

By kathryn m

By Mayank Gautam

By Wachirawit Iemlerkchai

By Hom Mali

By Philip Am Guay

By Dina Alfasi


By Dan

By Hom Mali

By Jellybeen Photography

By Cristian Bortes

By MarkusFalckz

By the_greyghost

By Photolounge

By Arthur Yushi

By Todd Clark

By Guillaume Morel

By Varun Dahotre

By Philip Am Guay

By Agoes Alwie

By Caesar Akbar

By Nadeshiko Shio

By Giovi G

By Torben Schmitz

By Adam Vradenburg

Not yet a student of the School of Photography? You can still sign up! We’ll soon be sending you back out into the field with a new Mission.

Header image by @Farbenfrohesgrau.

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