Cut and Paste: How Photographers are Bringing Back the Collage

By Brada - 4 min read

Take out your scissors.

Collage became a popular art form in the early 20th century. It was a new way for artists like Picasso and Braque to express themselves using newspaper clippings and colorful paper rather than just paint.

As photography gained popularity, artists began cutting up pictures and reassembling them into what’s called a photomontage: A new photo, made from elements of existing ones.

Today, the overwhelming majority of photos are digital and it has become easier than ever to remix them on the cutting table. Only that it now happens with software rather than scissors.

We’ve seen more and more photographers doing that on EyeEm – some of them edit their photos to turn them into collages, others shoot in a way that makes them look reassembled. In this curated collection, we’re showing you photos in the tradition of collage – all with a modern twist.


By Agnes Spaak

real people

By Joshua Sarinana

Creative selfie of a young man

By Maximilian Schulz

Digital composite image of lake

By Yelitza

Close-up of mannequins in shop

By Tenebrogg

young adult

By Benedicta Ric

Multi colored illustration of woman

By Margherita Maniscalco


By Magic three

one person

By Alina Potapenko

real people

By Mareike


By panta rhei

one person

By panta rhei


By Tomas Miller

Close-up of red wall

By Alx Photography

cold temperature

By Liselotte Wajstedt, Kiruna Ortdrivaren

multiple image

By Lashafox

animal themes

By Ryutaro Inami

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Header image by @maximilianschulz.

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