Visual Stories

Framing Stories: Photos with Cinematic Style

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Head of Photography Brada shows how treating photos like cinematic stills gives a compelling depth to your work – and invites the viewer into the story you want to tell.

To identify photos that work well together, I like to imagine them as parts of a single story: I look for repetition in the motifs, common visual traits, and often find remarkable overlap between photos – even though they were taken by different photographers in different places.

This curated collection contains images with a cinematic feel – photos reminiscent of the golden age of cinema, where each frame tells its own compelling story. Let your imagination run wild.

By Alex Lions

By Bravura1

By Jay Ybarra

By Ruslan Ivanov

By Nikos

By Daniel Schönherr

By tom shower

By Aaron Nett

By Konstantinos Koletsis

By Tibor Ifj Zsák

By Cara Totman

By René

By Ahmad

By M-A1studio

By Aziza Vasco

By colin

By Mia

By Stephen

By aki

By Andreas Bundi