See the Everyday in Brilliant Tones With the Winners of Our “Colour of Life” Mission

By Lucy - 3 min read

We teamed up with Huawei to ask for your brightest, boldest and most vibrant photos.

The grand majority of photos we take today are in colour; but we’re so used to it that we barely notice. For our Colour of Life Mission with Huawei, we wanted to bring the colour back to the forefront – and asked you to capture the brightest, boldest, and most vibrant ones.

The photos you submitted are full of eye-catching reds, deep blues, and luscious greens. It’s a great way to remember what an effect colours add to a picture: Blunt ones make a photo bland and flat, while deliberate colour use lets different image elements stand out.

Read on for the winners.


Congratulations to EyeEm photographer Dragan Yordanov, who took the winning photo during a fireworks display in the Amsterdam harbor. He won a brand-new Huawei P9, the first phone with dual lenses, co-engineered by Leica.

Firework display by river against sky

The winning photo, by Dragan Yordanov


Mature owner surrounded with vegetables at supermarket

By faizal ibrahim

Low angle view of trees growing by historic building with glass windows

By Joseph Caputo


By Lalli

Silhouette man playing volleyball against sky during sunset

By Ana LC

low angle view

By Jess


By AnTiM

By ES’

By Jan

low angle view

By Stefano


By urban poetry


By Buh Photography

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