Mold Breakers

By Lars - 4 min read

See the winners of our Mission with BCG.

What does it mean to be unusual, to think outside of the box? In our recent Mission with BCG we asked you to reinterpret the term diversity with images that break the mold. We were looking for a fresh perspective in the truest sense of the word – and couldn’t be happier with your interpretations.

The following images will be licensed by BCG and exhibited as part of the stage design at TED@BCG Milan. Congratulations to everyone who was selected for getting exhibited!


Close-up of steamed glass

By KaoSara


High angle view of person walking in lake

By Nicola Miles

Exterior of building with open window

By in160311

American bison walking at yellowstone national park during winter

By Abaseen Afghan

white background

By Cristian Vela


By yoshinosuke sano

Empty auditorium seats

By Benjamin Lee

Scenic view of desert against clear sky

By claudia

Low angle view of illuminated floodlight at night

By Mohammed

Trees amidst hills against cloudy sky

By earthin

Header image by Nicola Miles.

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