Behind the Scenes of Lea From the Back

By Maddie - 3 min read

Lea shares intriguing selfies, that aren’t really selfies, while still leaving much to the imagination.

All Eyes On features inspiring members of the EyeEm community. Up today: @leatlv who shares intriguing selfies, that aren’t really selfies, while still leaving much to the imagination.


By Lea

Name: Lea
Age: 34
Location: Hamburg, Germany, and Tel Aviv, Israel
Occupation: Translator


By Lea

Hi Lea! Who actually takes these photos of you?

When I started the Lea from the back shots, I always asked people on the street if they could take a picture of me. They were always surprised when I turned around, which always made them laugh. So far I have over 100 shots, and it’s getting more difficult to find new and interesting things to stand on top of or in front of.

I found the love of my life this year and got married in October, so now my husband takes all my “Lea from the back” shots.


By Lea

Where did you get the idea for the project?

I guess I just wanted to be a little different. Lots of followers at the beginning asked who the person is behind the camera. I did not want to post a picture of my face on the internet, so I came up with the idea of just turning around. That sill counts as a selfie, right?

rear view

By Lea

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

If I’m not working or spending time with my husband, I go out and take pictures with my iPhone. I’m always in search of new perspectives – pictures of architecture or things people walk by every single day and don’t notice anymore.

Or, for example, the Eiffel Tower. Everyone in the world knows what it looks like and most people still take the same shot over and over. So I just try to capture different perspectives and angles.

large group of people

By Lea

Food of choice: I have a sweet tooth, so everything sweet especially Krispy Kreme doughnuts and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Favorite editing apps: As I’m very busy and don’t have much time to edit, I use Camera+ and an EyeEm filter on all my pictures.


By Lea

Favorite album on EyeEm: EyeEm best shots or EyeEm best shots- Architecture and Nature collection.

Your tip for taking better photos: Always photograph subjects that you love and enjoy.

animal themes

By Lea

built structure

By Lea


By Lea


By Lea


By Lea


By Lea


By Lea

Thanks for sharing Lea!

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