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Back to School, Back to Work

By xavier - 3 min read

No matter what desk you’re returning to: Here are photos to commence the second half of the year.

September has arrived, and people across the world are folding up parasols, shelving their air mattresses and returning to school and the workplace. Whether you launching a campaign to coincide with the return to the desks – or just sharing tips on how to get back into the routine: Here are some images from EyeEm Market to underline your message.

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Back to School

High angle view of graduates

By Giovanny

Midsection of woman holding hands

By Armi Fello

High angle view of colorful felt tip pens on table

By Paola Moschitto-Assenmacher

Low section of person arranging pencils and toy blocks in wooden box on bed

By Misha No

School buses in parking lot seen through chainlink fence

By Philippe Intraligi

wireless technology

By rushay

Midsection of child holding toy camera at home

By Youngduk Ko


By Michelle Thomas

High angle view of old desk and chair in library

By Alistair Henning

Rear view of person in tiger costume in front of orange background

By JuF

Back to Work

People in party

By Dina Alfasi

Low section of people walking on tiled floor in building

By kyoko kiyama

white background

By nikmock

High angle view of desktop computer and note pad

By Tasos Ritos

Group of still objects over white background

By allesanna

Full frame view of bookshelf

By David Crunelle

Directly above shot of coffee with eyeglasses and book on table

By Alexandra

Cropped image of person sitting at sidewalk cafe table

By Monika Kanokova


By kwe

Header image by @dinalf.

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