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In Auto Mode: 8 Shots of Life in the Fast Lane

By Maddie - 2 min read

Savor this selection of carefully curated car pics

To celebrate the release of Gestalten’s new book, The Drive: Collector’s Edition, we wanted to visualize the cars of current and past times, the evolving style of automotives and the changing landscape of this mode of transport. Congratulations to Victoria who captured this fantastic perspective of car culture and will receive a copy of the book!



By Victoria J Hart



By Marisina Vescio

one woman only

By Alison Resac

side-view mirror

By YuKi C

real people

By Emanuele Pigionatti


By HappyLongHoliday

Full frame shot of white vintage car

By urban poetry


By Stephen Ozga

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Header photo by @victoriajhart

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