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Reimagine Valentine’s Day With Our Authentic Love Pictures

By Lars - 6 min read

Skip the old tropes and show a love that’s diverse, unstaged, and a little tongue in cheek.

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Adored by many, but scorned by all those who find it has turned a valid emotion into a greeting card cliché. To be honest: We can’t blame them. Especially the photography used around Valentine’s Day is often overly sweet like a candy heart.

But who ever said that Valentines Day has to be a tasteless affair? If you’re looking for love pictures for this day, we’ve put together the following image collection that proves you can celebrate love in a way that realigns the holiday with real life. Our photos are diverse, un-staged, and a little tongue in cheek. The best part: You can license all of them on EyeEm Market right now. Just click any photo to find out more!

By Lahai London

By Ružica Ristivojević

By Piotr Marciński

By Tclok_

By Melvin Anore

By McCutcheon

By Kirk Tang

By 陈啊皓

By Leni

By TYLim

By Dilşad Şenol

By Merethe Svarstad Eeg

By Francesco Sambati

By earthin

By El-Taher Alfy

By Rafael

By Denise Kwong

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