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Reimagine Valentine’s Day With Our Authentic Love Pictures

By Lars - 6 min read

Skip the old tropes and show a love that’s diverse, unstaged, and a little tongue in cheek.

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Adored by many, but scorned by all those who find it has turned a valid emotion into a greeting card cliché. To be honest: We can’t blame them. Especially the photography used around Valentine’s Day is often overly sweet like a candy heart.

But who ever said that Valentines Day has to be a tasteless affair? If you’re looking for love pictures for this day, we’ve put together the following image collection that proves you can celebrate love in a way that realigns the holiday with real life. Our photos are diverse, un-staged, and a little tongue in cheek. The best part: You can license all of them on EyeEm Market right now. Just click any photo to find out more!

Two young women against plain background

By Lahai London

Cropped hands of people against black background

By Ružica Ristivojević

Midsection of naked young couple

By Piotr Marciński

Rear view of shirtless man at home

By Tclok_

Mid distance of nuns

By Melvin Anore

Close-up of lesbian couple kissing

By McCutcheon

Side view of deer on road

By Kirk Tang

Sad young man looking at ring on necklace

By 陈啊皓

High angle view of woman with apple lying on bed at home

By Leni

Low section of couple with coffee cup while sitting by wall at beach

By TYLim

Close-up of touching feet

By Dilşad Şenol

Close-up of heart shape made from purse on brown fabric

By Merethe Svarstad Eeg

Cropped image of woman hand with bead necklace on headrest at home

By Francesco Sambati

By earthin

Couple kissing while traveling in car

By El-Taher Alfy

Young couple looking at view from balcony

By Rafael

Rear view of men and women running on field against clear sky

By Denise Kwong