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Are Your Insurance Visuals Too Boring for 2019?

By Laura Box - 5 min read

With new and disruptive insurance companies entering the increasingly competitive market, it’s no longer enough for insurers to rely on outdated, non-existent, or contrived visuals.

As fears that new technologies could force lagging insurance companies to become obsolete, it’s more important than ever to be forward thinking in every aspect of your visuals, appearance included.

To make things a little bit easier for you, we have created a quick checklist for common visual mistakes that insurance companies need to avoid to ensure they’re not missing out on potential customers.

1. Your Visuals Are Outdated

So you haven’t updated your visuals in years. Maybe you’ve still got your original clientele or a lot of your business spreads by word of mouth - then what’s the problem? While you might still be succeeding without updated branding, it may also mean that you’re missing out on swathes of potential clients. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to entirely rebrand.

A refresh can be just as effective. Take Guardian insurance, a US based insurance agency that created its first major advertising campaign in its history just recently. Rather than following the competing insurance market leaders by using comedy, Guardian opted for an emotional advertising campaign, and the beautiful, relevant and inspirational imagery led to it being a great success, while still reflecting the values and success that stemmed from the brand’s past.


2. Your Website Uses Inauthentic Images

Contrived or obviously staged images are easy to spot and even easier to find boring. When customers see bad quality or awkward stock images it makes your brand appear less innovative and detracts from your business’s perceived legitimacy. Low quality stock images, where people stare directly at the camera, or low-quality images are some of the mistakes that brands commonly make. Compare German insurer Mawista with Allianz. Mawista uses low quality and slightly awkward people, while Allianz’s images seem more natural and aesthetically pleasing. It’s important that you learn to choose stock images that will convert more customers for your business.

Abandoned mannequin against the wall

3. You’ve Forgotten About Images Altogether

Nothing says boring like chunks of text with no visual stimulus to break it up. If you’re thinking that imagery doesn’t matter for the product you’re selling, you’re out of luck. Unfortunately, no matter how good a product is, accompanying visuals (or lack thereof) say a lot about your company to your potential customers. Visuals represent quality, and they also help to create interest in your brand and attract the specific audience you’re looking for.

Insurer Reliance General is one company that could use a little visual help. Without any images, it’s easy to get bored and overwhelmed by the dense text with the simple blue, black and white colour scheme. Contrastingly, travel insurance company Travel Guard has successfully leveraged visuals on their website to encourage excitement at the prospective of travel for their users. High quality travel images are in abundance, so there’s really no excuse. Visuals have the ability to intrigue and engage with your target customers. By not using them, you could be missing simple opportunities to build connections and increase sales.

Blank billboard on beach against sky

4. Your Visuals Aren’t Cohesive

Your visuals need to have consistent colour and branding and style guidelines in order to successfully communicate the essence of your business and its goals. If your brand’s visuals and the message you’re trying to communicate aren’t cohesive, you can leave potential customers confused about who they’re buying from.

Cohesion creates consistency which helps your customers know they can trust and rely on your company. One brand that creates a consistent image of themselves through the visuals on their website and in their advertisments is Swiss health insurer Swica. Their use of calm people in bright, friendly settings, along with authentic families and interpersonal situations creates a sense of integrity and reliability, and this message is communicated across all parts of their platforms.


  • Your Visuals Are Outdated
  • Your Website Uses Inauthentic Images
  • You’ve Forgotten About Images Altogether
  • Your Visuals Aren’t Cohesive
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