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All About The EyeEm Collection

By EyeEm - 3 min read

What does it mean to sell photos through the EyeEm Collection?

When you add a photo to EyeEm Market, it has the opportunity to be selected by our photo curators for The EyeEm Collection. What does it mean to have your photos be a part of this collection? We answer your questions and more below!

Rear view of male surfer standing on rock overlooking sea

What is The EyeEm Collection?

The EyeEm Collection is a partnership between EyeEm and image licensing partners such as Getty Images and Alamy. The images that become a part of this collection are hand selected by our photo curators and represent the some of the strongest images found on EyeEm Market.

When your photo becomes a part of the collection, your image has the opportunity to sell not only through EyeEm Market but also via our partners. This means more buyers will see your image giving you a greater chance to sell.

How do I know if my photo is in The Collection?

When your photo is selected for The Collection, you will receive an email, as well as a notification in your Market dashboard, which will display the chosen image.

Is the revenue split and pricing different for images in The Collection?

Pricing may vary among partners, dependent on their pricing models as well as the size of the image sold. Just as all other photos on EyeEm Market, the net revenue is shared 50/50 between you and EyeEm.

Young woman looking away over black background

Tips for successful selling

Our photo curation team knows the ins and outs of what buyers are looking for, as they work closely with buyers to license images from EyeEm Market. Wondering what sells? Xavier, head of our curation team, shares his tips here:

• Upload the largest size of your image.

• Use geotags to make your photos more findable by buyers.

• Have a bright and clean edit.

• Have model releases for your images.

Scroll on to see examples:

Low angle view of aiguille du midi in snow against blue sky
Silhouette of man standing on rocks by sea
Directly above shot of flowers in vase
High angle view of deer resting in field
Coffee cups on table
High angle view of woman with arms raised relaxing in river

Upload your photos – your photos might get selected for The Collection! Find more info at our EyeEm Collection FAQ and as always, reach out to us with questions.

Header image by @Darkdrogba

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