Bird’s Eye View Photography: Shot from Above

By Lucy - 2 min read

Vertigo-inducing images snapped from above by top EyeEm photographers

Take a fresh look at the familiar and shoot day-to-day activities from a new angle: From above!It could bethe city streets captured from a skyscraper orthe urban geometry of a spiral staircase.Or even just looking down on a midday coffee break.Just be careful not to drop your camera…

Bird’s eye views are proving a huge hit with buyers on the EyeEm Market. Perhaps that’s down to their anonymous subjectsanduniversal locations. Or just because they set the scene for fantastic photography!Scroll down to check out some of our favorite bird’s eye views from EyeEm photographers.

High angle view of boat moving on sea
high angle view
High angle view of people at an outdoor restaurant
coffee cup
Close-up of cropped dolls
high angle view
one person
High angle view of children in swimming pool
High angle view of potted plants at roadside
High angle view of man walking on street

Congratulations to everyone featured in this collection! Photographfrom up above andadd your best bird’s eye viewsto our View from Above album. And take your photography to new heights by uploadingthem to Market too.

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