9 Delectable Dishes for Your Street Food Bucket List

By Lucy - 3 min read

Eat, sleep, photograph, repeat

Here at EyeEm, we have a weakness for takeaways and street food markets. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of! Giving your kitchen a break and ordering something in – or grabbing something on the go – is an opportunity to discover new tastes and flavors from every corner of the globe. At least that’s what we keep telling ourselves…

What’s your weakness? Whether it’s pizza or burgers, Mexican tacos or Japanese delights, this image collection has it all. And one thing’s for sure: If you weren’t hungry before, you sure will be soon!

9 foodie favorites from around the world:

High angle view of tacos with cola served on seat

Winner! Tacos in Dallas, Texas by jrobertblack


Runner-up! Pizza at Pop-Up Restaurant Day, Oldenburg, Germany by Michael Moeller

High angle view of sushi in container on wall

Runner-up! Sushi by Dan

Close-up of hand holding flower

Runner-up! Street food in İstanbul, Turkey by Maximilian Huber

Cropped image of friends holding burger

Runner-up! Burgers by Victoria Nikitina

Close-up of meal served

Runner-up! By YuKi C in Hong Kong

Man holding food

Runner-up! Sushi and shrimps in Ljubljana, Slovenia by Buh Photography

Close-up of soba noodles in bowl in table

Runner-up! Soba noodles by LEVEL999

Midsection of woman holding pizza

Runner-up! Street food in İstanbul, Turkey by Maximilian Huber

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Together, we launched the Show Us Your Takeaway Mission to see your foodie favorites. Thanks to all those who entered – and congratulations to all those above! You can see the wider collection of top pictures in the Delivery Heroes album.

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Header image by @jrobertblack.

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