Today we’re excited to welcome Kitty Gallannaugh to the EyeEm Blog! The 22 year old living in London is amongst the most well-known up and coming photographers of her age and answered 6 of our questions with 6 photos.

Who is Kitty?

Kitty Gallannaugh was born and raised in London and started photographing from early on. In her own words: “I was born in the summer of 1990. I’m a photographer/storyteller who likes to play and make magic with her camera. I’ll always be a child with stars in my eyes, love in my heart and photography in my blood.”

Working mainly with natural light, we love the mood Kitty transports in her photos. To get to know her a little better we’ve asked her 6 questions that she kindly answered with 6 photos.

1. Who are you? 

A camera-shy girl who takes photos for a living and loving.

2. How are you today?


3. What’s your favorite place?

With the ones I love.

4. What’s the meaning of life?

To spread contagious smiles.

5. Photography = art or craft? 

Eyes of art, heart of craft.

6. What’s your advice for the world outside? 

Be the best you.

Thank you Kitty! Make sure to see more of Kitty’s work on Flickr and visit her blog

Header image from the series “Her Deer Heart” by Kitty Gallanaugh