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5 Reasons Why Visual Storytelling is a Must for Brands in 2016

By EyeEm Team - 3 min read

Why telling stories with photos means more engagement

Visual storytelling is the next level up to using visuals to represent your brand. We already know that adding a photo to a Tweet raises it’s shareability by 78% and a Facebook post with an image has 2.3x more engagement*. Your photos will appear beyond social media, but these figures serve as a litmus test for their success everywhere else.

So what defines visual storytelling? It’s an image or a series of images that depicts a narrative. It’s more than just a photo of a thing or place – the contents of the image interact with each other and with the reader to say something.

Visual storytelling is one of the most powerful ways for a brand to connect to its audience. We explain why in 5 points:

1. Viewers identify

A visual story gives your viewers something that they can identify with, or in other words, it’s inclusive. Visually representing a lifestyle or a demographic is a powerful way to show your audience how your product fits right into their lives.


By Adam Kuylenstierna

2. An emotional connection

Images that tell a story create an instant emotional connection. Whether it be with humor, sentimentality or inspiration, your viewer can feel what the image tells.

By Marko Zamurovic

3. It’s memorable

A visual story is memorable, much more so than a slogan or a logo. You might say that it’s due to #1 above – the fact that they can place themselves in the image – as well as #2 – emotion innately creates a memorable experience.

High angle view of woman walking in lake

By Anna Mond

4. Authenticity and trust

Photos that tell a story are much more authentic than say, a staged photo is. And in turn, authenticity creates trust – viewers can both see and feel how a product might impact a person in a real way

By JoséMa Orsini

5. A clear message

Within visual storytelling, there is more space to relay a message, and a much more powerful one at that.

Full length of happy playful friends playing against brick wall

By azu morales

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Reference: BuzzSumo; Header image by @morazules

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