Five Photographers, Five Trips of a Lifetime

By Brogues - 2 min read

Together with Intrepid Travel, we hosted a Mission to celebrate the manifold ways travel brings people together around the world. Let photo editors Maddy and Grace talk you through the winners – and discover where they'll be heading off to!

Nothing expands your horizons and friendship circles like big adventures do. Tapping into fresh perspectives, unseen views and cultural experiences makes for special memories, as well as challenging you to capture the world through a whole new lens.

Intrepid Travel isall about enabling local, authentic connections around the world in small groups: they’resending these five photographers to Morocco, Australia, Peru, Cuba, and Vietnam respectively! We’ll be following their travels as they happen, so stay tuned for future stories on the trips they take – and impressions they capture along the way.

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“It tells a story of togetherness and journeys into the unknown, where discovery awaits.”

Crowd with firework display at night

in Sitges, Spain

“This shot gives the viewer a real feeling of the atmosphere of the scene. I love the cinematic vibe and authenticity of the moment.” – Maddy

Axperience will be off to see the Best of Morocco, camel riding in the Sahara and experiencing Todra Gorge in all its glory.

People on snow covered mountain against blue sky

in St. Moritz, Switzerland

“This is a cute image that tells an intimate story of togetherness associated with traveling and meeting new people to share adventures with.” – Grace

Ferdinand will be touring Perth to Broome Overland, witnessing Australia’s spectacular Coral Coast and breathtaking national parks.

Rear view of man standing on rock by lake

in Appenzell, Switzerland

“What stands out most in this image is the impressive and serene mountainscape in comparison to the figure in the foreground. This image speaks to the sheer excitement and curiosity that comes from time spent in new terrains around the world.” – Maddy

Ueli is heading to the Sacred Land of the Incas, exploring the likes of the Amazon rainforest and Machu Picchu.

Rear view of woman standing on footbridge at forest

Grimsel Pass in Switzerland

“This vibrant point-of-view shot makes us feel like we’re sharing this journey with the lady in the photo. It tells a story of togetherness and journeys into the unknown, where discovery awaits.” – Grace

Silas will be seeing the Best of Cuba, moving to the rhythm of the Caribbean and discovering the rich cultural history of Havana.

Silhouette males friends playing soccer at beach during sunset

in Saladan, Thailand

“This image highlights a moment in time during a trip in which the viewer feels present in the action. It provides a view and look into how people come together through a shared passion.” – Maddy

Ina is off to explore the Best of Vietnam, motorcycling through Hue and sampling the exotic fruits in the Mekong Delta on sampan boats.

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