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25 Breathtaking Examples of Landscape Photography

By Jonathon - 5 min read

EyeEm and WhiteWall picture editors curated this collection of landscape photos

“Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer – and often the supreme disappointment.”

– Ansel Adams

Creating lush, mysterious, dreamy, imposing, peaceful landscape photography is no easy skill to master. Thankfully, EyeEm photographers have got it covered. With cameras in their backpacks, they’re trekking, sailing, cycling and flying along paths lesser trodden, to parts of the world seen by few.

We teamed up with premiere web-based photo lab and printer WhiteWall to see just what they were capable of in the Landscapes With WhiteWall Mission. And an incredible 150 shots were hand-picked by EyeEm and WhiteWall photo editors to be added to the EyeEm Collection at WhiteWall! See them all here!

Here’s just a handful of the landscape photography picked for the collection:

Footprints on sand in gobi desert
High angle view of river amidst trees at forest
Scenic reflection of mountain peak in calm lake
Grass growing on field against sky
Close-up of purple flowers
Dramatic landscape by trees growing at tourist resort against cloudy sky
Scenic view of horseshoe bend against sky
Underwater view
Scenic view of beautiful waterfall from cliff
High angle view of tourist on beach
Scenic view of mountains against blue sky lit from a full moon
Scenic view of mountain landscape
Scenic view of grassy hills against sky
Scenic view of landscape against cloudy sky
Scenic view of lake against star field at dusk
Scenic view of lake
Covered water on landscape by desert against sky
High angle view of sea
Colorful prayer flags hanging over mountains
Scenic view of lake by mountains against clear sky
Scenic view of sea seen from observation point
High angle view of boat on lake

The landscape photos above can be bought as gallery-quality prints.

Head over to the EyeEm Collection on WhiteWall, where over 1,000 EyeEm images can be purchased as gallery-quality prints, with photographers earning a 50/50 revenue from each sale.

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Header image by @RMphotos.