20 New Recommended Users – The December Edition

By Severin - 4 min read

We admire these photographers and will feature them in the app throughout December.

We’re excited to introduce you to 20 new recommended users on EyeEm today! These are people whose work we admire and who’ll be featured in the app throughout December.

There are so many amazing talents joining our community every day that sometimes it’s hard to find them. That’s why we’re using our list of recommended users to highlight inspiring community members and give newtalents the visibility they deserve.

Thanks to everyone who submitted their suggestions via ourGoogle Form. Keep the good stuff coming!Also make sure to check out the20 recommended users of November.

Now here we go with the 20 new recommended users we’re introducing today. We love their work. Follow them directly via the Find Friends tab in your app!

Sinan Sağlam

Sinan Sağlam

Lone craftsman

Lone craftsman on EyeEm

Emirhan E

Emirhan E on EyeEm

Roni Bar

Roni Bar on EyeEm


JV@NYC on EyeEm


Flavio on EyeEm


auntiegold on EyeEm

Patrick Walsh

Patrick Walsh on EyeEm

Eri Enomoto

Eri Enomoto


Noireley on EyeEm


wing on EyeEm


Marisa on EyeEm

Ryan V

RyanV on EyeEm


Takeshi on EyeEm

Fausto Serafini

fausto serafini on EyeEm

Steven A.J. Beijer

Steven A.J. Beijer on EyeEm


delpinoegea on EyeEm

Jessica Martinez

Jessica Martinez on EyeEm

I am the wooden doors

I am the wooden doors on EyeEm

Claudia Feudi

Claudia Feudi on EyeEm