20 New Recommended Photographers: May 2016

By Johanna - 4 min read

Not-to-miss photographers to follow on EyeEm today

Every month brings all new photographers and even more images. You can find our picks of some of the most captivating photos from the EyeEm community in our Missions, Welcome Weekly, and our monthly recommended photographers.

We’re kicking May off with 20 photographers, photographers whose work made us look twice. We look for photos that transport us and enable us to see the world through the photographer’s eyes. We also look for photographers active in the EyeEm Community – liking, following and encouraging fellow photographers.

View their profiles and send a hello! They’d love to hear from you.


Your Meal

Lizabeth Bennett

Baturay Tüngür



Roj Bag-ao

Corrado Piccoli

Kristian Cruz

Toon Onto

Brandon Watts

Andrei Bortnikau

Attila Csomor

Stefan I.


Nick Asaro


Sonier Issembe

John Puah



Check out April’s recommended photographers if you haven’t already! Want to recommend someone? Reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, and EyeEm.

Header image by@Rick_07.

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