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15 Ways of Seeing: Hands

By Phoebe - 3 min read

Inspired by John Berger's 1972 book 'Ways of Seeing,' Our '15 Ways of Seeing' series is an invitation to see the world differently. Each week, we highlight one theme with 15 photos. This week we showcase the beauty of the human hand.

“The hand expresses what the heart already knows.”

– Samuel Mockbee

Cropped dirty hand against white background
Midsection of person holding ice cream
Midsection of man
Young woman standing at beach against clear sky
young adult
Rear view of young woman stretching hands on bed at home
Midsection of man standing at beach against sky
Midsection of woman holding hands against white background
Close-up of hands holding newborn baby in hospital
Cropped image of hands holding insect
Close-up of hand holding candle
Cropped image of hand on hardwood floor
High angle view of friends sleeping on exercise mats
Close-up of human hand with henna tattoo

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