13 Images To Celebrate Gay Love, More Than Ever

By Lucy - 3 min read

An image collection that shows pride will never go out of style

Here at EyeEm, we are lucky to encounter a variety of cultures, beliefs, experiences, opinions and rich world views. All captured through your wonderful photographs. One of our favourite topics, of course, is love. But not just traditional love – there is no such thing. We value all expressions of affection and strongly believe that every individual on this planet deserves the right to free choice in life and love.

Times are changing, it’s true. But there is still a long way to go before humans – gay or straight, religious or not – can live the way they want. To celebrate those who fight for love, and to honor those whoare still struggling, we present an image collection that shows pride will never go out of style.

Low angle view of rainbow balloon against tree and building
Gay men exchanging rings at wedding ceremony
Full length rear view of friends standing on rock viewing sea
Midsection of man and woman holding hands outdoors
Happy lesbian couple standing on field at park
Midsection of men with arms around
Midsection of men wearing suits sitting by table
Directional sign at sunset
Midsection of couple wearing lockets with text
multi colored
Rear view of gay couple walking with balloons
Rear view of woman with bag on back

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Header image by @olespata

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