10 Tips & Tricks for Shooting Awesome Photos in the Snow

By Severin - 6 min read

It’s snowing in Berlin! And at a lot of other places too from what we can see from your pictures. So we thought about a few tips on how to get the best pictures out of the snow.

December Rain at Unterm Nussbaum by TiNa on EyeEm

Hey guys,

it’s snowing in Berlin! And at a lot of other places too from what we can see from your pictures. So we thought about a few tips on how to get the best pictures out of the snow.

For inspiration we recommend checking out the albums snow, first snow and cold days.

Now here we go:

1. Use a flash to capture snowflakes
We know that using your phone’s flash often results in over exposed subjects, but here it’s perfect. When it’s snowing heavily just active the flash, shoot and you’ll see snowflakes you didn’t even know existed.

snowing at Сказочный сквер by Kseniya Netrebko on EyeEm

2. Use no flash for beautiful nature shots
When it’s snowing but you rather want to capture a beautiful landscape, deactivate the flash. The automatic settings of your camera will then choose a longer exposure, hence capturing more of the natural light and making the snowflakes disappear.**

Sweden at Hedemora by Mirelle on EyeEm

3. Use the Gee09 filter to improve your exposure
Now here’s a secret: snow totally confuses your camera’s exposure settings. It will most likely underexpose your shots because it can’t recognize the brightness of the snow. So what to do if you can’t manually control your exposure? Use the Gee09 filter to brighten it up and get the shot you want.

Photo with Gee09 filter:

Photo without Gee09 filter:

4. Take photos at night
Here’s another secret: snow is super bright and reflecting. So while a scenery would normally be too dark to capture, snow reflects the surrounding lights and gives you beautiful nighttime exposures without need for a flash.**

snow in KarlebybyWilmaonEyeEm

5. Use the afternoon light for amazing shots
Let us tell you another amazing secret: winter gives you the most fascinating light. You may wake up super early to capture the morning light, or let the afternoon sun do the work for you. The results never cease to amaze.


6. Keep your phone dry and warm
Just**like us humans, phones don’t like to get cold and lose battery life when they do so. Make sure to keep yourself and your phone warm.

cold days at Nueva terminal – Aeropuerto de Santiago de Compostela-Lavacolla (SCQ) by Noemí Díaz Patiño on EyeEm

7. Look up
Snow falling down from the sky can lead to dramatic results. Just point your camera up, use your flash and shoot.

snowbyYoshito HasakaonEyeEm

8. Look down
You can’t walk in the snow without a trace. Just look down and search for evidence.

snow by Tom Freeze on EyeEm

9. Dare to try black and white
Snow is white and black is black. Boost your contrast with the Enhance feature (iPhone only) and use the Gundlach filter to make it black and white. The outcome is quite cool.

snow at Volkspark am Weinberg (Weinbergspark) by Stephanie on EyeEm

10. Don’t eat yellow snow
Build a snowman instead.


Got any other tips for shooting in the snow? Let us know in the comments below!

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