10 Tips for Shooting Better Videos

By EyeEm Team - 4 min read

Highsnobiety's US Director of Editorial Video and Production J. Andrew Keegan shares his ultimate guide to shooting better videos. Read his top 10 tips for starting out with moving image.

A part of our new EyeEm Video program, we held a day long workshop and video shoot in New York. During the event, we caught up with Highsnobiety’s Director of Editorial Video and Production, U.S, J. Andrew Keegan.

Having worked for huge names such as Conde Nast, CNN and MTV, the visual storyteller has developed strategies that have changed the way brands and media platforms have collaborated.

He shared 10 simple principles that will help you refine your visual style and gain practical skills to migrate from photography to moving image. Have video content you want to share? Apply for EyeEm Video here and start making money on your videos!

Essential Tips for Shooting Better Videos

1. Make a plan

Think about what you want to do before you start doing it. Even a simple shot list before you start will help your focus, and it will ensure you don’t miss important shots.

2. Keep it moving, but also keep still

Motion creates emotion, so keep things flowing around you. There is, however, a happy medium between too much motion and not enough. Sometimes it’s better to let things keep moving around you while staying still, than creating too much movement.

Top Tip: If you are running a video walk on your own, Andrew says it always helps to pick a song and shoot footage to match - It’ll help you develop your shooting skills.

3. Go deeper into your surroundings

Don’t dismiss foreground and background action.

4. The new rule of three

Always get wideshots (WS), medium shots (MS), and close ups (CU)

5. Fully Frame Awareness

Pay attention to everything in the frame and try to use the natural angles around you to draw the viewers eye.

6. Always keep the roll

Great things can happen before action and after cut, so try to create more footage than you think you need.

7. Don’t be afraid to copy others

Research your favorite director and start out by copying one of their featured sequences. Look at work you enjoy and try the same shots, this can help you develop your skills.

8. When it comes to film, greed is good

This one’s simple - overshoot everything.

9. Edit your own work

There’s no better way to learn that to see your mistakes.

10. There is no end point

Video is a lifetime pursuit so don’t start by looking for the moment you ‘made it.’

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