10 Recommended Photographers: July 2016

By Johanna - 4 min read

See what grabbed our attention this month.

Each month, we feature photographers that are sharing great work on EyeEm. For July, we have picked out another ten new and noteworthy ones – community members whose work we found inspiring and who have been particularly active in liking, following and encouraging fellow photographers. Check out their profile and send a hello – they’ll love hearing from you.

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Brendan Lynch

Brendan seems to spend most of his days exploring the wilderness – in Norway, the United States, and in between. He always has a camera in tow, documenting spectacular views from the mountains or the moment of waking up in a tent – all in pleasing, muted colors.

L i l y

With an eye for details, @lily66___ takes pictures of the small moments most of us would probably miss.

Dennis Ritter

Dennis’ photos are all about light: About those brief moment when the sun falls into the room a certain way or illuminates his subject in soft tones.


Want to see a different take on Vienna, something other than the palaces and cobblestones? @Mattsort has you covered with his almost dystopian shots of the Austrian capital.

Viet Nguyen Duc

His EyeEm biography is an understatement: It reads “I am interested in photography”. And his images, very professionally taken, show a vividly detailed take on modern Vietnam.

Piciu Zen

Pica Zen takes most images out on the streets, showing people in transit, holding hands, or simply staring about, as the city bustles around them.

Anna Ansone

Photographer Anna Ansone shares beautiful travel impressions like this one, a shot from Latvia during summertime.

Armita Ghasabi

There’s something oddly compelling about the mood and framing of these simple portraits by Iran-based photographer @witharmita.


Sanne’s EyeEm biography reads “in love with faces” – and it shows: She takes mostly portraits and doesn’t fear getting close to her subjects.


Originally from Chengdu, China, this photographer lives in the US and takes beautifully composed shots of everyday life. You can tell there’s a designer behind the camera.

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Header image by@ndviet96