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The Traveler encourages you to show us the world through your own stories of travel and exploration. Whether it’s from a surprising location or iconic destination, show us images with a sense of place, telling the story of a moment that inspire others to explore our world. Show us the beauty of the journey, and how you get from each travel destination to the next.

Marcin Sudak

Gear: Fuji X100S
Location: Jimmy Gyros Restaurant in Las Galletas, Tenerife island, Spain

The photo is part of a project about life on islands. It was taken in a little coastal city on Tenerife and shows some young locals having a night out.

Adlan Mansri

Gear: 5D Mark II
Location: Ramallah, Palestine

The shot was taken during a big techno party in a club in Ramallah called Radio. It was part of the Boiler Room live streaming, the first time in Palestine. The underground scene in the West Bank is thriving and emerging with a lot of great djs, Producer and singers.  When I saw this Palestinian woman wearing the Niqab, I immediately know that I had a great shot. And when I got closer to her, I saw this guy in the background wearing a harness topless. When you look at the picture, you could think that it has been taken in Berlin, but when you realize that it was in Palestine, it is even more powerful. It is part of a series about the Underground Music Scene in Palestine, Ramallah, Jerusalem, and Haifa in Israel where the Palestinian community is very organized and throw regularly parties, techno or hip-hop.

Philipp Dase

Gear: Nikon D750
Location: Lake Þingvallavatn in the southwest of Iceland

At the beginning of the year I took a roadtrip along the south coast of Iceland. I arrived at lake Þingvallavatn, a lake in a national park area and was immediately mesmerized by the sheer beauty of a near mirror like reflection on the lake. I was setting up my gear to capture some small islands in the middle of the lake when I heard the sound of a boat approaching. Two people on a small fishing boat were gliding almost silently through the cold waters, trying to pass through a sheet of ice (not seen on this picture) to get to the other side of the lake. What fascinates me about this image is the fact that it looks surreal, like a boat floating between clouds, gliding through a cold space between the icy mountains of Iceland.

Veysel Erbin

Gear: Nikon D810A
Location: The Mount Nemrut, Bitlis, Eastern Turkey

Dusty ride of herds which shepherds take to foothills of Mount Nemrut to graze in Turkey’s Bitlis province. The crater of Nemrut Volcano is one of the largest caldera of the world while its lake is world's second largest one the area is generally covered by snow and the temperature is approximately -20, which is why shepherds have only one chance to graze their herds in that short two months of summer. During that whole time, all family members have to put forth their efforts to overcome this tough journey. While men take the responsibility of all animals, women should take care of household chores, and their loyal shepherd's dogs keeping the herds safe.

Ivan Margot

Gear: LeicaQ
Location: Harar, Ethiopia

I am more personally interested in images of greater visual complexity, where color and the contrast of shapes are of significant importance. Images that in my opinion are more playful and allow more than one reading, creating an emotional tension. For this, I need to work without the need to follow a pre-established script, without strategies but let things flow, looking for the right place and time where improvization can arise. That moment, when there is no time to think, makes us less predictable and consequently, in my opinion, gives us more powerful images.

Vitali Kozhar

Gear: Canon 1DS M2
Location: Jaisalmer, India

It was afternoon. We were 50 km away from city moving toward desert. These people were coming to the city, most were local farmers. People looked so different they are coming from our past. They looked as if they were traveling via time machine.

Jakir Hossain Rana

Gear: Canon 6D
Location: Train journey from Dhaka Kamalapur to Narsingdi, Bangladesh

A train ride can be one of the most comfortable and enjoyable journeys that a person can experience over a long distance. People commuting via train is very common in Bangladesh, especially when it's a long trip. The majority of these people are beggars, Hawkers, Labor and very low earning people whom are coming to Dhaka to earn a living and provide a meal for their families. They can't afford the train ride, so they end up climbing the roof of the train while the station master is unaware. I even spoke with a few people who travel on the roof of the train because they simply enjoy it, since there is an adrenaline rush involved. Sometimes these people fall off and get injured severely losing their limbs and sometimes their lives, but that does not stop them from traveling this way. This has also become a great place for the hawkers to make a profit for themselves by selling tea, biscuits and cigarettes to these train passengers who are traveling atop, risking their own lives in the process.

Norman Gluske

Gear: Canon EOS 400D
Location: View from the Blåvand Lighthouse , Blåvand, Denmark

Blåvand is characterized by old WW2 monuments, such as flak towers and old bunkers. Just the right time for memorials.

Henning Lüke

Gear: Canon 5D Mark III
Location: North East Arnhem Land, Australia

It took over two years of planning and preparing: The Land Rover Experience Tour is an ambitious expedition series through some of the most remote places on earth. To access the almost inaccessible corners of Australia’s Outback, we did not only need a logistical miracle, but also the permission of Australia’s traditional land owners.  Each tribe’s chief granted us the honor to cross the Outback through their sacred land - reopening ancient trails that have not been used for decades and are normally closed for both locals and tourists. This image was taken during our encounter with the indigenous Yolngu people in north eastern Arnhem Land.  Arnhem Land is a vast area of Aboriginal owned land, where the indigenous groups have managed to establish a traditional cultural lifestyle governed by ancient ceremonial laws. The Yolgnu men held a welcome ceremony for us - followed by long night around the campfire.

Debbie Pinard

Gear: Canon T4I
Location: Desert near Dubai

Taking a balloon ride over the desert was on my bucket list, so when the opportunity presented itself while I was on a business trip, I had to take advantage. We left Dubai around 4am in order to make the sunrise. There were two balloons going up that morning. I hung back so I was last to get on so I could be right on the edge to get the best photographs. The experience was amazing. The golden hour as the sun was rising made the dunes stand out. I noticed that we were getting higher relative to the other balloon and waited until we were right over top to get this picture. The lighting was perfect and the resulting photos were very satisfying.

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