The Mobile Photographer

The Mobile Photographer

EyeEm began as a mobile photography community in 2010, with one of the world’s first mobile photography competitions. The community has since grown to become one of all devices and models. To pay tribute to our roots, we’re introducing a mobile photography category for the first time. Submit your best images shot on any smartphone device.

Bimo Pradityo

Gear: Huawei Mate 10 pro
Location: Imogiri, Yogyakarta Indonesia

Her name is Mss Ponikem, she is a batik craft maker from Giriloyo, Imogiri, Yogyakarta Indonesia. She's been making Batik for 35 years. Batik is one of Indonesia heritage legacy in fashion.

Tinatin Jabanashvili

Gear: Huawei 10 lite
Location: Georgia. Tbilisi

In my photos I try to share how seeing the world and feeling is important.

Dimpy Bhalotia

Gear: iPhone
Location: Banaras, India

The title of this photograph is “Flying Boys”. These boys were jumping off a man-made cliff into the Ganga river to beat the heat. It was about 40 degrees celsius that day.

Marcos Ferreira

Gear: Samsung Galaxy S8
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

This is one of the most special photographs I've ever taken, and it's because of the story behind it. I remember the feelings I was having that day as if it were today. A few days before this photo, I ended a relationship with a girl who I've never stopped missing, and who was and is the most special person I've ever been with. The fact that we broke up has made me feel very sad and nostalgic for a long time and that's exactly what I feel every time I see this picture. I remember that sunset in my building terrace here in Buenos Aires, and that building looking exactly as lonely as I was feeling without her. So I took out my phone from my pocket and just let the feelings press the shutter. I named this picture "Miranda."

Lauren Marek

Gear: Google pixel 3XL
Location: Texas, USA

Night Sight mode has just come out for the Pixel and I was excited to see what the phone was capable of shooting in the dark.

My partner and I were also in the middle of construction inside our home. I believe this photo was taken one night after the drywall was mudded which resulted in all of our windows fogging up from the moisture.

For the photo, my girlfriend stood outside and I shot through our back windows just after the sun had set. The backyard streetlight illuminating her profile.

Ismail Zaidy - l4artiste

Gear: Samsung s5
Location: Marakech, Morrocco

The thought behind this capture is just being a good human and helping one another, and just be able to pass on good energy.The pink defines the love and support passed through from one to another even if we're going through difficulties ourselves, and that's defined by the blank space in the picture.The general idea behind the picture, is support and show compassion no matter what.

Agustin Farias

Gear: Huawei P20
Location: Berlin, Germany

The photo is a portrait of my friend outside of her apartment in Berlin. That night we were sitting in her living room and I noticed that the night lights were really special, so I asked to take her picture, real low key and unplanned.

Elena Karabaki

Gear: Xiaomi redmi 5
Location: Georgia

This picture is from the series of "beauty in abandoned houses". I put a lot of effort in it, and while shooting every picture, there were houses in my mind which were abandoned and forgotten. It should be hard to leave the place where you grew up. I was searching these old houses in my hometown for a week. War in my childhood forced people to leave their homes and start their lives somewhere else. I was inspired with calmness and colors in this exact house. The sun was still shining and warming up every corner. For me, it was exploration of the stories, atmosphere and history.

Avel Shah

Gear: Honor 10
Location: South Bank , London, England

I was asked to test out the camera capabilities of the Honor 10 mobile phone and it did not disappoint. Damon Brunings who features in this image is a world renowned street dancer, hailing from Utrecht in the Netherlands.

Himanshu Roy

Gear: iPhone 6
Location: Khuri Desert, Jaisalmer, India.

Arjun singh, I feel like he is warrior. I met him during my holiday in Khuri Desert, Jaisalmer - India. He is camel rider in the desert.

The struggles and hardships of life in the desert is reflected in his wrinkled face with his eyes showing the spirit of life.

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