The Fashion Photographer

The Fashion Photographer

The Fashion Photographer celebrates the images that seamlessly blend fashion, art and photography together. Fashion is everywhere. Everyday, we see men and women dressed-up or down, showcasing clothing, accessories and footwear. Show us where high fashion meets fine art.

Lasha Fox

Gear: Sony A900
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

This was shot for the small clothing designer "Besiki22." This is from a series of photos called "Kids Just want to have fun", the concept is about school girls and boys, who want to be free, and rebellious. Even though they have uniforms they are shining, running, living, enjoying life while there are so many regulations against them.

Myriam Boulos

Gear: Canon 6D
Location: Lebanon, Beirut

This picture is part of my ongoing series called "BubbleGum". Beirut is a city that is all at once very conservative and extremely avant-gardist. The series puts together photos of different communities to reveal the tensions between traditional values, religions, tabou's, but also the progressive innovations and other such horizons. The project thus questions the fragmentation and explosion of the city's identity, and its impact on Beirut's evolution.

Seung Rok Baek

Gear: Canon 5D Mark II
Location: Sydney, Australia

Inspired by landscapes changed, ground and sky, and quirky expression.

Charles Ofikhenual

Gear: Canon 7D
Location: Lagos Island, Lagos Nigeria

This is from a series titled "Fearless Pursuit," an exploration of Lagos as a society and organism of its own; using fashion and portraiture to tell a tale of craftsmanship, industry, Africanism and functionality in a Lagosian reality. I try portray authority in the street of Lagos through fashion, using several popular elements widely known in the city for motion, rush and resilience, like the danfo (yellow bus), Okada (motorbike) and shoe shiner, but we restrained them from such energy in order to give reign to the fashion.

Cecilia Di Paolo

Gear: Canon 5D Mark IV
Location: Rome, Italy

This image documents the culture of real Italian crafters. Starting from the handmade chair from the photographer's grandad, and all of the clothes have been made for the photographer's mother when she was younger from her own mother. It's the culture of passing objects from generation to generation. The handmade, the real.
The a location is Rome, at the top of a building where table clothes and bed sheets are drying in the sunshine.

Kate Phellini

Gear: Canon 5D Mark III
Location: Odessa, Ukraine. A very dear hidden spot from my childhood.

Recent trends in fashion truly fascinate me. I have never felt so attached to it. Being natural and comfortable, both in the clothes we put on, and within our own bodies as well. Not to feel locked and strangled, but to match and merge all three layers together. Soul, body and garment. Or even make up or the absence of it, for that matter. Calmness, presence and awareness, that is what I feel, recalling the day and seeing the photograph. Our goal was to balance outer with the inner.
I believe that we are the reflexions of what we see around and what we experience. We express it differently, interpret it in any way we want. Culottes are hotter than the sand, piece of background is bluer than the sea. This is our subjective mind in action. Making real seem saturated and surreal, therefore more visible. And just like with the clothes, we are highlighting what we love and hiding our "flaws."


Gear: Phase One IQ160
Location: Hong Kong

This series is about immersing a man into the symbolically feminine flowers which makes everything look a bit blurry. I like things become blurred, not only the photo itself, but also the gender of the model.

Israel Mitchell

Gear: Nikon D7100
Location: SoHo, NYC

The model and I discussed different ways of displaying the entire outfit.  He went through a series of poses, I told him he shouldn’t pose as if he were doing it for the camera, but for himself. This is the result of that piece of advice.

Sari Schildt

Gear: Nikon D750
Location: Bielefeld, Germany

This photo is from the Series „first-second-third." The Series was a collaboration with the fashion designer Dinara Nenortaite. The fashion was inspired by schema monks, skaters and ravers. The main focus for the fashion was the layers from the garments from the schema monks, as they go through three ranks before they are finally a full schema monk. 

Nina Zimolong

Gear: Canon 5D Mark IV
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

When I shoot fashion I usually get inspired by my environment and the models. This model's name is Noelle, from the Republic of Cameroon up in the centre of Africa. She was a huge inspiration for this shoot. I wanted her to be the main focus, hence she is wearing white. This series highlights the plight of displaced people in Africa, sometimes having to cross continents to have a better life for them and their families. This particular photo symbolizes that longing feeling for a better tomorrow.

The location was a rocky environment with clear blue skies. I was inspired by the rocky background creating a stark minimalist contrast with the white clothing, with crisp lines and colours to juxtapose the environment.

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