The EyeEm Awards 2021
Terms of Entry

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Terms of Entry

The 2021 EyeEm Awards (the “Competition”or “Event”) is a photo competition organized and held by EyeEm Mobile GmbH, Kohlfurter Str. 41/43, 10999 Berlin, Germany (“EyeEm”, “we” or “us”).

When you enter the Competition by submitting a photo, you agree to these Competition Rules (“Rules”).

General Entry Rules

1. The Competition is open to everyone who has registered an EyeEm account and is over 18 years of age, or 16 years of age with parental or legal guardian consent to take part in the competition according to these Rules. It is your responsibility to provide a valid signed parental or legal guardian consent upon our request.

2. By entering the Competition, you acknowledge and agree that all data received from you will be used according to the EyeEm Privacy Policy ( You understand that your photo and name may be shared with Awards Partners and media. You agree to receive information about the Competition (e.g. when you got selected for the shortlist) via email and/or within the EyeEm mobile application (in-app-notification). Please make sure that the email address stored in your EyeEm account is up to date.

How to Enter

3. To enter the Competition, you must

       a. Buy an entry ticket to the Awards using the payment flow as shown under Entries submitted without a valid payment of the submission fee are not eligible for the EyeEm Awards. The prize for the entry ticket cannot be refunded after purchase.

       b. Provide your correct EyeEm Email Address as shown under your settings ( → Account → Settings → Email) during the checkout process under “additional information”. You can find your EyeEm Email Address in the EyeEm settings under Account Settings when you are logged in. Users who entered an invalid or incorrect EyeEm Email Address are not eligible to enter the Awards.

4. Upload your photo to EyeEm using the mobile app for iOS or Android or the web upload, following the on-screen instructions. Entries submitted via email or otherwise will not be accepted.

5. You must select one of the officially designated category albums to tag your photo for submission. Photos without the proper album tag cannot be considered. You may enter as many photos to the Competition as you want.

6. Submission deadline: Photos must be submitted by 11:59:59 pm (GMT) on June 30th, 2021 and meet the Photo Requirements provided below.

Photo Requirements

7. The photo you submit must be your original work, which means you have taken it, and you have not copied it from another creator and not recreated it from another work.

8. Photos submitted must have been taken between January 1st, 2020 and June 30th, 2021.

9. Photos must not contain any watermarks.

10. You must be able to supply a high resolution image suitable for printing (300 dpi, 4000x5500 px minimum, tiff or jpg) . if you have been selected as a finalist (shortlist).

11. Photos must comply with the category requirements, if any (e.g. “The Portraitist” - only portrait images can be submitted, etc.).

12. You may not submit a photo that infringes upon copyrights, trademarks, or any other intellectual property rights of any third person or entity, violates any person’s rights of privacy or publicity, or contains any infringing, threatening, false, misleading, abusive, harassing, libellous, defamatory, vulgar, scandalous, inflammatory, pornographic content or content that could otherwise be deemed inappropriate.

13. EyeEm reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify and remove any photo from the Competition that does not comply with the Rules, the Photo requirements above or additional requirements defined for each category.

Selection of Finalists and Winners

14. All eligible entries will be reviewed and judged by a selected jury. The jury will evaluate the photos at its own discretion, taking into consideration the originality, creativity, quality and relevance to the category theme.

15. The jury will select a shortlist of up to 10 photos from each category. EyeEm will announce the shortlist online (website and/or social media channels).

16. From the shortlist, the jury will select the final category winners (i.e. one winner per category).

17. The jury will also select the 2021 Photographer of the Year as a separate winner, who may be but does not need to be a category winner.

18. The jury will furthermore select the top 3 mobile photos independent of any category.

19. The winner of the category “The Great Outdoors” will be automatically a finalist of the Red Bull Illume “Innovation by EyeEm”category (Event partnership). Additionally, further 8 (eight) photos from all entries to the category “The Great Outdoors” can be picked by Red Bull Illume (Event Partner) and be added as finalists to the Red Bull Illume contest. Both the winner of the category “The Great Outdoors” and the additional 8 images picked by RedBull Illume shall be part of the Red Bull Illume Exhibit Tour 2021/22, and may also be displayed on the Red Bull Illume website and published in the Red Bull Illume photo book. For further information please check their Submission Rules at

20. All winners will be announced during Berlin Photo Week in August - September 2021 and online (website, newsletter, and/or social media channels).

21. All winners will be exhibited in a physical and an online (digital) exhibition from August 2021 onwards and promoted via the website, newsletter, and/or social media channels.

22. All winners will be notified via the email address linked to their account on EyeEm prior to the official announcement but agree to keep this information confidential until it is officially announced at the Award Ceremony in Berlin or officially announced by EyeEm on EyeEm’s website and/or social media channels, whichever comes first.

23. The decisions of the jury are final and binding. This does not affect EyeEm’s right to determine new finalists and winners in case that finalists and/or winners are not reachable via email, a submitted photo does not comply with the Photo Requirements, and in cases provided for in section 3.

Rating or Voting Process

24. EyeEm may at any time run an online rating and/or voting process to allow EyeEm users and/or members of the public to vote for a favorite photo from the submitted photos and/or from the shortlist.

25. If there is sufficient evidence, at EyeEm’s sole discretion, to assume malpractice and manipulation of such rating process, EyeEm has the right to remove the respective photo and, if necessary, award the prize to a different entrant.


26. All winners will receive prizes as defined on the EyeEm Awards website (

27. All non-cash prizes are non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash or other products or services. EyeEm reserves the right to reasonably modify or replace the competition prizes at its sole discretion. Please note that, for the distribution of prizes as determined, you may need to provide your postal address, if you do not attend the Award Ceremony.

Your Copyright

28. When submitting a photo to the Competition, you will retain full copyright in your photo.

29. By submitting a photo, you grant EyeEm and its Event partners (e.g. Red Bull Illume, Berlin Photoweek, marketing entities, sponsors, distribution partners) the non-exclusive right to use and exploit any submitted photo which is amongst the Shortlist or a Winning Image worldwide and in perpetuity without compensation in all media in the context of the EyeEm Awards and Berlin Photo Week and for promotions, marketing, advertising, related events, and exhibitions. This includes the perpetual and worldwide right, but not the obligation, to use the image in any media, online (websites, social media channels, networks) and in print media (e.g. magazines, newspapers, books), including the right

       a. to showcase your photo (e.g. website, app, EyeEm Magazine, social media channels).

       b. to exhibit your photo at Berlin Photo Week and / or EyeEm’s Physical or Digital Exhibition.

       c. to publish your photo within the EyeEm Magazine.

       d. to use your photo for press publications.

30. In case your photo was selected by Red Bull Illume from the EyeEm Awards Category “The Great Outdoors”, according to section 19 above, you agree that Red Bull Illume has the non-exclusive right to display your photo on the Red Bull Illume website, promotional materials of Red Bull Illume, to exhibit your photo at the Red Bull Illume World Tour 2021/22 and to publish your photo in the corresponding limited edition photobook without compensation. For further information please check their Submission Rules at

31. If your submitted image is amongst the shortlist or winning images, you also agree that such photo shall be part of EyeEm’s Magazine (online and printed version).

32. Any photo used by EyeEm or Event partners shall carry a credit line with your EyeEm username and/or full name, to the extent customary in the media business. However, any failure to provide such a credit line shall not be deemed a breach, if EyeEm cures the failure within a reasonable period after notification to


33. When submitting a photo, you represent and warrant that you are the sole copyright holder of the submitted photo and that you have obtained the necessary permissions to use the photo, in case your photo includes persons that are recognizable or affects other third party rights (e.g. trademarks, logos, copyrights, property rights). It is your responsibility to check the legal requirements and to provide us with the model and/or property releases where necessary. We may also send you a request to provide such a release. Failure to provide such a release may result in disqualification at EyeEm’s sole discretion.

34. You agree to fully indemnify EyeEm and Event partners in respect of any claims, damages, royalties, liabilities arising out of your breach of your warranties and representations contained herein. In no event will EyeEm, Event partners, or its advertising or promotion agencies, be responsible or liable for any damages or losses of any kind arising out of the participation in the Competition or relating to any prizes granted.


35. EyeEm may suspend and terminate the Event at any time, appropriately taking under consideration the mutual interests. Especially due to the covid-19 pandemic, EyeEm reserves the right to change or cancel elements of the Event or the Event as such.

36. The invalidity of one or more provisions in this Rules shall not affect the validity of the rest of this document. The void or ineffective provision shall be replaced by such provision that best legally and economically approximates to the purpose of the void one.

37. These Rules are subject to German law. Sole venue for all disputes, if legally possible, is Berlin, Germany.

38. EyeEm reserves the right to review and revise the Rules. You will be notified in due time of such changes, which will appropriately consider the mutual interests. You will be deemed to have accepted any such changes, if we do not receive an objection in legally due time of not more than four weeks subsequently to being made aware of our revised terms. We will duly make you aware of these consequences upon notification of changes. You should therefore check the website from time to review the current terms. In case you object to the changes we may need to exclude the respective submission from the Contest.

Please contact us at in case you have any questions regarding these Rules.

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