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High up in the Dublin Mountains the remains of one of the most notoriously dark sites in Ireland can be found. It's a place where myth, legend and history blur, and where truth might just be stranger than fiction. Even the name of the society that once met at the stone hunting lodge on Montpelier Hill evokes images of dark rituals and even darker secrets: the Hellfire Club. The hunting lodge is in ruins now, and it's no wonder, given the turbulent past of the site. According to lore, the place was cursed from the beginning. It was originally built in 1725 by William Connolly, the Speaker of the Irish Parliament, and it was said that in order to clear the land for the lodge, Connolly ordered the destruction of a cairn, an ancient burial monument. Beauty In Nature Historical Building Sacrifices Ireland's History Dark Times Ancient Places No People Hello World Taking Photos Check This Out Ireland🍀 Landscape Clouds And Sky Light And Shadow Outdoor Photography The Places I've Been Ancient History Haunted Dark History Satanic Ritual Creepy Dark Magic Ancient Devil Dublin Mountains Old Ruin Ancient Architecture Irish Landscape Cults Atmospheric Mood