Regram Videoshoot yesterday wit @j_spealz x @chicagocamerabandit KnowMyStruggle GoodEye LiveIt
Think you know my struggle??? Think you felt my pain???? Liveit KnowMyStruggle Videoshoot
Chillin At School KnowMyStruggle
She bad & she know it Thereslevelstothis Special👌shot Natural Beauty Beautiful ♥ KnowMyStruggle
KnowMyStruggle Smoking MaryJane loveeee
Had to slide thru and reflect where i shot my first video wit @j_spealz n decided i was gonna fuck wit this music shit for real n started my grind two years ago Liveit MyComeUp KnowMyStruggle
Jus in it Liveit KnowMyStruggle Leaders GoodEye
We was out here directing bitch im out here feedin ppl wyd???? KnowMyStruggle Liveit Humboldtpark
Taking Photos Creativity Smartphonephotography My City KnowMyStruggle The World Around Me Indian Style
Some more behind the scenes shots from KnowMyStruggle video shoot
When life gives you difficulties. Trying to recover from a posterior cervical laminectomy and fusion five through seven with placement of a syringo-subarachnoid shunt. Healthcare And Medicine Sitting People Adult Men Indoors  Day MathTeacher Beautiful People Arizona Physical Rehabilitation Excersice Your Mind Excercise Time Recovery Medical Mysteries Spinal Life Lifestyles No Retreat No Surrender Strengh And Endurance Strength And Courage Strength And Mind Set Physical Impairment Knowledgeispower KnowMyStruggle
How you react to hard times defines you as a man Liveit KnowMyStruggle
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