I had the opportunity to hear Jamie Cullums new album on a concert during Photokina2014 at the Leica booth. Such cool music. Das Wesentliche Live Music Black & White
Moody Black & White Street Photography at Photokina2014
EyeEm Best Shots Photokina2014 Popular Photos Taking Photos we love Staircases and look we found this in Colonge at Photokina #smgtreppen
Photokina Photokina2014 Cologne Model
Photokina Photokina2014 Cologne Lights
Very Photokina2014 - some exhibit have more Sexy than others. Black & White Runway
I'd live to have one of those... Or two... Or three... Canon Tilt-shift Lenses Photokina2014
Getting busy. Das Wesentliche Photokina2014 Street Photography
A Smoke Break at Photokina2014 after a long and tiring photo show. Tired Feet
Today at the Photokina2014 Photography Fair
Man in the window at Photokina Photokina2014 Cologne Shadow Window
Om nom Kölsch at Photokina2014 yay
Fun with Forced Perspective and the giant Globe at Photokina2014
welt der Bilder Photokina2014
Photokina Photokina2014 Cologne Alpa Camera
Photokina Photokina2014 Cologne Lights
Cologne , Köln,  Photokina2014
How nice to see EyeEm on Photokina :-) Photokina2014 EyeEm EyeEm Team
We're so ready for Photokina2014 At A Conference Networking Köln
Getting ready to build our stand with Enjoy Your Camera at Photokina2014
Fuji X-T1 Photokina2014 Leica First Eyeem Photo
With Photokina2014 coming to an end, team Triggertrap have been reduced to Zombies
Photokina2014 Photokina Holi Köln