New Fav Pic <3 YoungCarter PopPop
Poppop is awesome :) ahaha! PopPop Family Love Dinner
These two... *SIGH* <3 <3 YoungCarter PopPop
Last saturday was awesome. Peppered a couple targets with some sick firearms and got 3 sheets to the wind. Samueladams SamAdams Samueladamsbrewery Rebelipa WestCoast IPA Beer Craftbeer Craft Brew Shooting Guns Targets Peppered 44mag 25acp 22lr Drinking Bullseye Goinglive Powpow Pewpew PopPop
Miss my grandfather very much and wish he would be there when I come to visit still PopPop
MCM YoungCarter PopPop
Like Father, Like Son <3 YoungCarter PopPop Mickz
On and on... YoungCarter PopPop
The Most Amazing Moments <3 YoungCarter PopPop
Time Well Spent... YoungCarter PopPop Love
So I asked my pop pop if I could take a picture with him and he said sure why not and he doesn't like to smile so he made the face in the top. Then I said please smile and he made the face on the bottom :) I love my pop pop he's the best :) PopPop Smile Hessocute Ihaveababyface
Awwwww Iaintjealiousthough YoungCarter PopPop Twins
This is SAD!!!! Haha YoungCarter PopPop Twins
"O boys!!" <3 <3 YoungCarter PopPop Mickz