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The "Evil Eye" on the Hooghly's Flower Fest Tour. Hooghlysflowerfest Flowermarket Incrediblecalcutta Flower strange
On our Hooghlysflowerfest Tour came across her drying her saree at the ghat. They are Bengalis from Maharashtra ... Off Chandrapur district. On talking to them I found out that they are from Pakistan originally (could not really find more people to confirm whether they meant East Pakistan, as all of them were saying Pakistan) and have been living in Maharashtra for generations. Speaking very native Bangla their Hindi had a Maharashtran touch to it. Many spoke Marathi too. About 700 of them had come to Bengal on a pilgrimage. Fascinating!!! What makes leading these tours the fun they actually are. I want to grow old doing this. But now the sad part. Since my back was acting up I had not carried my camera with me! I kicked myself when I saw all of them there today. Lesson I learned today : Never be without your camera. Incrediblecalcutta whywealllovecalcutta history tradition ethinicgroups stories wow nocamera