// spring fell in love with fall and summer winter brought the taste of something new Freewrites Lyrics Poetry
// we don't sleep Freewrites Poetry Inspired
// the city scurries unaware Freewrites Thinking Poetry
// I am afraid to stand still without the wind of my momentum holding me together I can only fall apart Portland Freewrites Poetry
all that follows me now is the guilt of saying no Freewrites Poetry AmWriting
// masquerading in a stranger's skin Freewrites Poetry AmWriting
// drunk on the residue of you Freewrites Poetry Lyrics
// I can find you in a crowded room like you're the only one in it Freewrites Muse Poetry
// for all the tangled webs I spin for all the snares I left it's you who's got me spinning it's you who's got me trapped Freewrites Poetry Relationships
// don't ask me where I'm headed you don't want to know Poetry Lyrics Freewrites
// I only want what's out of my reach Freewrites AmWriting Tired
// our loneliness is self-imposed Thinking Freewrites
end of photo grid