Stuckathome Gate Was On My Way Newfoundland Dog Puppy❤ Why I Dont Get Over There
Stuck Between Reality And The Wish Of Having A Fairy Tale Stuckathome Pet Portraits
Reflections... Reflections Puddleart Monsoon Weekends Stuckathome Passtime Beauty Tree Edit RainyDay Brickpond Timeforsomehotchocolate Byenow
Winterstorm Blizzard Blizzard 2016 Snow Stuckathome NYC IPhoneography Snow ❄ Cold Winter ❄⛄
RainyDay Stuckathome
Monochrome Shape Black And White Stuckathome Reflection
Want to Play a Game? Smartphonephotography Taking Photos StuckInside Stuckathome Relaxing Chessboard Chesspieces Creative Light And Shadow Check This Out Enjoying Life
Shoes Schooldays Remainder Stuckathome 35mm 1.8 Nikon D5100
Toy Car Stuckathome 67mustang Ford Mustang Nikon D5100
Sunset from my roof... Redmi2Prime Mi Evening Sunset Clouds Goldenhour Skyline Watertank Sunflare Roof Stuckathome Dont_read_my_tags_chandrashila Highcontrast Too_tired_to_sleep Panorama Googlecamera Snapseededit
Raindrops Stuckathome Bicycle Bell Nikon D5100
Trying New Things while i was Stuckathome on Newyearseve trying out to get accustomed to my Nikon D5200 and tripod i really was strugling with the Autofocus . Experience build because of Manual Focus sadly just when i spoke with P15___ he about changing.the settings Photographysensei i will try harder next time Beginner Beginnerphotographer Amateurphotography
Trying Fireworks Photography for the FirstTime did this one without the Tripod . Even though it has some Movement The Fireworks looks okay Stuckathome Taking Photos LearningEveryday Nikon D5200 Long Exposure Trying New Things Improvisation Patience Building Experience Shutterspeed Before The Show Nightphotography Amateurphotography Night Photography Beginnerphotographer Being Creative.
just woke up :) Bored Stuckathome Stitch
Survival kit Studytime Schoolbreak Stuckathome Afternoondelight redbull oreo singleasapringle
No e salido a tomar fotos :/ Portrait Stuckathome Black & White Monochrome Self Portrait
Trying to understand my camera Nikon D5200 Long Exposure Night Photography Nightphotography Longexposure Stuckathome Before The Show Newyearseve Silence Shutterspeed Taking Photos Beginnerphotographer Trying New Things Randomshot Building Experience
i want to go out but its Rainingday Rain Stuckathome Offday Building Sky
Filipina Stuckathome Model Pose Model Shoot Smile ✌