Seeing Red Again

Eye Am Nature Fall With Me TreePorn Seeing Red Again Outdoors No People Architecture Electrick Cloudporn The Impurist Sound Of Silence One With All The Darkness Within Fading Light Seeing Red Again Inner Reflection Me Myself And I The Not So Human Condition Duality Forest Of Lost Souls Darkness And Light Black And Blue Into The Nothing Dancing With The Devil By The Pale Moonlight Musical Photos "We'll have Halloween On Christmas and in the Night, we'll wish this never ends...And as I stared, I counted the WEBS from all the Spiders catching things and eating their insides like indecision to call you..." The Impurist Webporn Year Of The Spider EyeEm Nature Lover Mother Vs Nature No People Christmas Decoration Through The Web Alien Light I'm On The Outside, Looking In. Your Weekly Web Report Spiders For Steven Musical Photos Lyricalartistry Nightmares And Dreamscapes Seeing Red Again Happy Holidays with Planet Dirt
This Shrine is a reminder that I do not have to understand what happens to experience it or witness it. Nor is my understanding a requirement for events.... A Scorpion encased in glass pendant, a garder belt dagger with a heart in it made with rainbow wood, skeletal hands gripping time, Gypsy Witch deck circa 1899, a train model and gold Zippo from my Grandfather, a wooden nickel to remind me the uselessness of money, a guitar pic signed by fat mike, a copper ouroboros trapping a star that only I can remove, a shell casing I caught after discharge the first time I watched life leave the eyes, a nutcracker I took out of a manger because it didn't belong when I was 8, a penny I cut into a spiral with scissors, a skull ring I found at the edge of a well, a baby bird skull..., a policecar hood with a hole in it that found from a matchbox car after I was released... But most importantly.... A postcard I received once from someone who was dead when I got it...on the other side is a pic of him flipping me off and smiling. The writing says " a note from thee underground. Cut life!!!" As I said....understanding is not a requirement. Thanks to anyone who actually read all this shite. <3 Notes From The Underground Journey Into The Dark Blackandwhitebutnot Seeing Red Again @bighair thx for the inspiration ;) Ariel had a new lease on life despite everything she had been through. The Clown brought her to a place near the sea where she was free to do whatever she liked. She had been destroyed by what he had told her about her son, but he had also reminded her that the true magic was in her heart and it could do miraculous things when she sang. She took a deep breath and practiced a song. The Impurist Vs The Purist Seeing Red Again Adults Only Girl Power Beauty Redefined One Person Close-up Deep Thoughts~ Let My Love Open The DoorMusical Photos Highly Suspect
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