Expired Film

Daytona Beach ~ Daytona Beach Florida Crucifix Cross Street Photography Streetphotography Streetphoto_bw Streetlife Film Film Photography Filmisnotdead Yashica 35mm 35mm Film Black And White Photography City Enjoy The New Normal Filmphotography Kaleb M. Starr Expired Film Monochrome Gritty Storytelling People And Places Snap a Stranger
Stallone ~ Close-up Horse One Animal Black & White Analogue Photography No Filter Polaroid Polaroid Art Square Impossible Project Instant Film Photography Filmisnotdead SX70 Expired Film
Kind of in love with the tones produced by this expired film from 2006. It reminds me of VSCO's M5 preset. 35mm Film Film Photography Expired Film Amusement Park
Self aware ~ Kodak Gold Expired Film 35mm Film Canonphotography Self Portrait Tattoo Film C41 Filmisnotdead No Filter No Filter, No Edit, Just Photography Kaleb M. Starr Portrait Photography Portraits Analogue Photography Lifestyles Baseball Bat Tones TakeoverContrast Tattoo Life
Portrait Portrait Of A Woman Showcase April Filmcamera Eye4photography  EyeEmbestshots Film Photography EyeEm EyeEm Gallery Nikon EyeEmBestPics EyeEm Best Shots Filmphotography Eyeemphotography Film Camera NoEditNoFilter Nikonphotography Film Eyeemgallery 35mm Film Kodak Portra Kodak Film Filmphoto Expired Film
Letyourhairdown Portrait Girl Filmcamera Taiwan NoEditNoFilter NikonFE2 Traveling Solaris Expired Film Nikon EyeEm EyeEmbestshots 35mm Film Nikonphotography Eyeemphotography Filmphoto EyeEm Best Shots Film Camera EyeEmBestPics Eye4photography  Film Photography EyeEm Gallery Filmphotography Eyeemgallery
Japan Shirakawago Film EyeEm Nature Lover Winter Expired Film Solaris800 Nature_collection Filmphotography Eyeemgallery EyeEm Gallery EyeEm Best Shots Eyeemphotography Nikonphotography NoEditNoFilter March Showcase EyeEmBestPics Eye4photography  Filmcamera Nikon EyeEm Traveling Noedit Film Photography 35mm Film
Expired Film Filmphoto Kodak Film 35mm Film Eyeemgallery Film Nikonphotography NoEditNoFilter Film Camera Eyeemphotography Filmphotography EyeEm Best Shots EyeEmBestPics EyeEm Gallery Nikon EyeEm Film Photography EyeEmbestshots Eye4photography  Filmcamera Showcase April Portrait Austria Traveling Autumn
Girls Have More Fun Girl Power Martial Arts Nunchuks Minolta Autocord Istillshootfilm Expired Film Medium Format Tlr Film
My photo buddy Linh and I had a walk to the neighborhood by the railway. For those who are planning to visit Hanoi, look for this photogenic place Hanoi Railroad Track Film Film Photography Canon Rangefinder CanonP Fuji Superia 200 Expired Film
35mm Film Expired Film Analogue Photography Film Photography Filmisnotdead Brännö
Lomo LC-Wide Lomography Expired Film Streetphoto
White Roses Expired Film In My Garden Klasse W
bali-nality on the streets of Ubud caught on film no edit/filter 35mm 35mm Film Banal Banality Canon Expired Film Filmisnotdead Landscape Mundane Outdoors Showing Imperfection Street Photography Streetphotography Tree
Building Exterior Architecture Built Structure Sky City Tree Outdoors Day Expired Film Depth Frame Branches Expired Film
Color blocked. 35mm Film Expired Film Architecture Film Photography
35mm Film Analogue Photography Bali Bali, Indonesia Coconut Trees Contemporary Photography Copy Space Day Expired Film Film Photography Filmisnotdead Growth INDONESIA Indonesia_photography Kodak Monolith Nature New Topographics No People Outdoors Palm Trees Rock Sky Tree Tropical
alone in the big durian 35mm Film Analogue Bicycle Bicycle Commuter Bikeporn City Life Cycling CyclingUnites Expired Film Film Photography Filmisnotdead Fujifilmsuperia INDONESIA Indonesia_photography Jakarta Old Fashioned Bike One Person Real People Street Photography Streetphotography Trees Urban Greenery Urban Landscape The Street Photographer - 2017 EyeEm Awards
Old Fortress Wall, Corfu. Mountain Water No People Scenics Built Structure Architecture Fortress Wall Fortress Old Transportation Overcast EyeEm Gallery Analogue Photography Film Photography Filmisnotdead Expired Film Tranquility Island Boat Sea Greece Travel Destinations Bridge Calm Day
Statue Cityscape City Day Branches Frame Tree Sky Film Expired Outdoors Expired Film
Expired Film
Architecture Beauty In Nature Building Exterior Built Structure Clear Sky Day Expired Expired Film Film House Lake Nature No People Outdoors Reflection Scenics Silhouette Sky Stilt House Tranquil Scene Tranquility Water Waterfront The Great Outdoors - 2017 EyeEm Awards EyeEm Selects
Hamartiology 🌙 ~ Ilford HP5 Plus Ilford Pentax 35mm Film Film Filmisnotdead Portrait Portrait Of A Woman Fine Art Photography Analogue Photography Expired Film Kaleb M. Starr Black And White No Filter, No Edit, Just Photography Monochrome Photography Shadows & Lights Portraitist - 2016 Eyeem Awards Blackandwhite Beautiful People
Malaysia Portrait Nikonphotography EyeEmBestPics Film Camera Nikon Film Photography Eyeemgallery EyeEm Gallery Filmphoto EyeEm Best Shots Expired Film Eye4photography  Filmcamera Eyeemphotography Film EyeEm EyeEmbestshots Filmphotography Sister
Foreign Workers Working Hard Expired Film Canon Canonet Street
Old Fortress Bridge, Corfu, Travel Destinations Corfu Island Boats Built Structure Water Sea Greece No People Day Outdoors Transportation Tranquility Expired Film Filmisnotdead Analogue Photography Film Photography EyeEm Gallery Architecture Old Fortress Wall Fortress Building Exterior Outdoors Photograpghy  Overcast
Hong Kong 690 Agriculture Expired Film First Eyeem Photo Fujifilm Green Color No People Outdoors Ultimate Japan Ultra
Monochrome Photography Long Hair Portrait Analogue Photography Lomography Headshot Looking At Camera Young Adult Person Leisure Activity Lifestyles Young Women Front View Focus On Foreground Beauty Expired Film Noir Noir Et Blanc Blackandwhite Film Photography Filmisnotdead Me Selfies Selfie Portrait Park this selfie was taken months after I last used my LomoLCA (old, metal, Russian made, bought in Poland while visiting family not from the lomo rip off way to expensive hipster shop) I presumed I had wound it on before I put it away picked it up pointed it at my face and shot the self portrait here on top of a photograph of the old bandstand in Alexandra Park Keyham that I had taken roughly back in June 2016. The selfie was taken without checking how I had my Luca set up and as it's old sometimes it won't wind on and I end up with two or three shots on top of each other. I like how this double exposure came out even though it was a happy accident I like it more than the shots I had taken of the bandstand because I like how it shows me , alive and breathing in the air , the same air the victorians who made this park and built this bandstand breathed. I like the contrast, black and white, living and dead, soft flesh warm and creating art against the background of the inanimate cold hard rough cast iron of the bandstand waiting for a long dead band to enter and pl also creating music instead of photography so in a way it is my muse at the minute from the past but my children fill the empty neglected park with joy and the sound of laughter once more fills this secret part of plymouth. Colour would not have had the same impact or atmosphere as black and white I like the textures the distant faded view and I like that your automated tags tagged my selfie as young person when I am as old as my Russian camera. Hope you all like my work?
Canberra Mamiya7ii Canberra Canberra City Expired Film Australia 120 Film Act
Hannah Mamiya7ii Mediumformat Indoors  Young Women Portrait Of A Woman Portrait Window Expired Film Coffee Time Cafe Restaurant
Pablo Australia Mamiya7ii Portrait Expired Film Landscape Australian Landscape Act Canberra
Arch Architectural Column Architecture Blackandwhite Building Building Exterior Built Structure Day Expired Film Film Film Photography Geometric Shape Geometry History Home Low Angle View Milan Milano No People Outdoors Palace Sky Window
Lomography Lomo LC-Wide Streetphoto_color Expired Film
Dogs Street Photography Expired Film Lomo LC-Wide
35mm Olympus OM-1 Fugi Faded Colors Vintage Feel Analogue Photography Nostalgic  Moody Expired Film Filmisnotdead Film Is Not Dead Flowers Nature 35mm Film Photography Yellow Flower Beauty Backgrounds Tulips Yellow Flower Backyard Fence Outdoor Brush
Lomography Lomo LC-Wide Expired Film Streetphoto_color
Water Nature Sky Outdoors No People Beauty In Nature Extreme Weather Fog No Horizon Film Expired Harbor Sea Day Expired Film BYOPaper! The Great Outdoors - 2017 EyeEm Awards Shades Of Winter
Filmisnotdead Film Photography Analogue Photography Expired Film 35mm Film Sweden
lonely cactus . my humble tribute to the involute cactus photograph by the master, ansel adams . . phoenix arizona may 2016 . expired 35mm kodak 200 film (no edit) Mountain Range Horizon Blue Tint 35mm Film Analogue Photography Beauty In Nature Blue Cactus Desert Expired Film Filmisnotdead Fine Art Photography Landscape Lens Flare Low Angle View No People Outdoors Phoenix, AZ Sky Sombre Sun Flare Tranquility Showcase June Arizona
35mm Film Filmisnotdead Film Photography Zenit Expired Film Color Woman Field
Expired film from 2003 City Life Day Expired Film Expiredfilm Film Outdoors Pennyboard Person Skateboarding Street Walking Winter People And Places Enjoy The New Normal What Who Where My Year My View Long Goodbye Art Is Everywhere
Showing Imperfection Expired Film Filmphotography Kodak Filmcamera Filmisnotdead 35mmfilmphotography 35mm 35mmfilm Nikon Nikonphotography Analogue Photography Grain Stairs Chicago Art Institute
Green Rose In My Garden Expired Film 35mm Film
Easter 2014 Klasse W 35mm Film Expired Film
Palm Tree Expired Film 35mm Film Taking Photos
Film Expired Film Canon Canonet Police Streetphotography
Showcase March 60s or not. 35mm Expired Film The Week On Eyem Analog Filmisnotdead TheWeekOnEyeEM Santacruz California Telling Stories Differently
Analogue Analogue Photography Expired Film Film Analog Color Day Film Photography Grain Green Color Human Representation Nature No People Outdoors Sculpture Sky Statue Tree
Rock Formation Travel Destinations Desert Arid Climate No People Arizona Monument Valley Yashica 35mm Expired Film Beauty In Nature Landscape_Collection Outdoor Photography Summer Road Tripping
Here's an image from one of my first 35mm cameras a couple years back. Believe it was a halina, unsure of the exact model, film used was expired Kodak max. 35mm 35mm Film 35mm Camera Kodak Film City Architecture Light Leak Expired Film Lomography Experimental
Women Around The World Women Lifestyles Expired Film Analogue Photography 35mm Streetphotography Back Seaview HongKong
The woods are calling. They've never stopped calling .. ~ Nature Beauty In Nature Tree Overnight Success Fine Art Expired Film Analogue Photography Film Photography Film Minolta 35mm Storytelling Conceptual Filmisnotdead 2016 EyeEm Awards Black And White Photography Remote Black & White Outdoors Filmphotography Landscape_Collection Darkness And Light Fog Foggy Monochrome Photography
Double vision ~ Police Holga Double Exposure Grainy Film Film Photography Ilford Expired Film Monochrome Photography Dejavu No Filter, No Edit, Just Photography No Filter Analogue Photography Filmisnotdead Portraitist - 2016 Eyeem Awards Kaleb M. Starr 35mm Film Square
Film Photography Expired Film Filmisnotdead 35mm Film Model Oldcamera
random expired safety film and a point n shoot 35mm Film Analogue Photography Architecture Black & White Black And White Blackandwhite Building Exterior Built Structure Bunny  Bw Day Expired Film Film House Jack Rabbit Nature No People Outdoors Rabbit Sky Tree
Green tree fold.. Emotions Expired Film EyeEmNewHere Filmphotography Front View Green Color Greeneyes Greentshirt Headshot Looking At Camera Nature One Person Only Men Outdoors People Portrait Portraits Real People Sadeyes Smiling Welcome Weekly Welcome Weekly Fresh On Eyeem First Eyeem Photo
The Street Photographer - 2016 EyeEm Awards PENTAX67 Expired Film
A duck contemplating the lake waters, surrounded by dirt and pollution. Shot on expired film. Animal Themes Bird Beauty In Nature Contemplating Day Duck Expired Expired Film Film High Angle View Lake Motion Nature No People Outdoors Pollution Reflection Rippled Water Wave The Great Outdoors - 2017 EyeEm Awards The Photojournalist - 2017 EyeEm Awards
Klasse W Real Film Expired Film Grainy
California California Coast Pomponio Road Trip Rest Stop 35mm Praktica Expired Film
Lomo LC-Wide Lomography Expired Film Streetphotography
Expired Film Kicsigaboka Pentacon Six Manson
Canon Canonet Film Expired Film
The right direction? Emiliaromagna Landscape_Collection Landscape #Nature #photography Sea Beach Life Beaches Landscape Landscape_photography Riminibeach👍😎 Rimini Rimini Beach Analogue Photography Analogue Film Photography Filmcamera Film Is Not Dead Kodak Canonphotography Canon F-1 Expired Film
Shot with Konica on Kodak Gold200 (expired). Water Nautical Vessel No People Transportation Waterfront Sea Outdoors Nature Analogue Photography Kodak 35mm Film Expired Film Kodakgold200 Gold200 Port Hafen Day Ship Dock Konica
EyeEm Selects Day City Landscape EyeEmNewHere Iran Expired Film 135film Filmsnotdead The Secret Spaces Filmsnotdead
110 Film 110mm Beauty In Nature Castle Cloud - Sky Cold Temperature Day Expired Film Film Photography Landscape Nature No People Outdoors Scenics Sky Snow Tranquil Scene Tranquility Weather Winter Filmisnotdead
Perspectives On Nature capturing in Film. Fujicolor C200 Beach Lake Sky Scenics Beauty In Nature Be. Ready. Film Photography Expired Film The Great Outdoors - 2018 EyeEm Awards
Valley Blues ~ Death Valley Death Valley National Park California Wanderlust Get Outside Kaleb M. Starr Portrait Film Filmisnotdead Polaroid Polaroid Art Impossible Project Instant Film Expired Film Landscape Outdoors Nature Analogue Photography
Ultimate Japan Shirakawago Winter Expired Film Filmcamera EyeEm Best Shots Nikonphotography EyeEmBestPics NoEditNoFilter EyeEm Gallery Eyeemphotography Eye4photography  EyeEmbestshots Noedit EyeEm Film Eyeemgallery Filmphotography Filmphoto Nikon Film Photography Film Camera Traveling Japan
Easter Lunch Easter 2014 35mm Film Expired Film
Taking Photos Bangkok Space Expired Film Photography Enjoying Life Hanging Out Walking Around Wanderlust
Volvo Lomo LC-Wide 35mm Film Expired Film
ฟิล์มบูดภาพที่ 2 Film Photography Expired Film
35mm Film Analogue Photography Argentique Buyfilmnotmegapixels Cloud Cloud - Sky Composition Expired Film High Section Ishootfilm Kodak Low Angle View Minolta No People Shadows & Lights Sky TakeoverContrast
Berkeley 2016 Expired Film California Filmisnotdead The Street Photographer - 2016 EyeEm Awards Gray Area - B&W postcards of the gentrification in the San Francisco Bay.
35mm Film Expired Film Grande Arche De La Défense Kodak Kodak T-max 400 Konica Hexar AF La Défense Rainy Days Silhouette Blackandwhite Expiredfilm Filmphotography Konicahexar Monochrome
35mm Expired Film Grande Arche De La Défense Kodak Kodak T-max 400 Konica Hexar AF City City Life Modern Monochrome Real People Streetphotography
Landscape_Collection Beauty In Nature Rock Formation Travel Destinations Desert Expired Film 35mm Yashica Looking West Monument Valley Arizona
An expired daylight film, Kodacolor - X 80 ASA, which expired in 1975. Whilst the film has clearly deteriorated and the emulsion appears to have stuck to the paper backing leaving the markings on the film I am still very pleased with the results. This was run through a Wembley Sports 120 Bakelite camera last produced in the mid 1950s. Expired Film Beachphotography Day Fair Rides Film Photography Kodacolor X 80 ASA Medium Format Film No People Wembley Sport 120
Analoguephotography Coffee C41 35mm Sandgate Analogue Photography Filmphotography Australia Film Film Photography Analog Candid Expired Film Kodak
Friend Friends Sunlight Filmcamera EyeEm Best Shots Expired Film Eyeemphotography Eye4photography  EyeEm Filmphoto Eyeemgallery Film EyeEm Gallery Nikon Film Camera Film Photography EyeEmbestshots Filmphotography EyeEmBestPics Nikonphotography Portrait Malaysia Natural Light Portrait
Taking Photos My Husband Klasse W Expired Film
Film Photography One Person Built Structure Day Street Photography Film Is Not Dead Analog Photography Filmisnotdead Film Minolta Dynax 7 Minolta From My Point Of View Eye4photography  Streetphotography Ilfordpan400 Expiredfilm Analogphotography Expired Film Blackandwhite Monochrome MonochromePhotography Blackandwhitephotography
Brindabella Range Mamiya7ii 120 Film Australia Australian Landscape Landscape Act Brindabellas Expired Film
An expired daylight film, Kodacolor - X 80 ASA, which expired in 1975. Whilst the film has clearly deteriorated and the emulsion appears to have stuck to the paper backing leaving the markings on the film I am still very pleased with the results. This was run through a Wembley Sports 120 Bakelite camera last produced in the mid 1950s. Expired Film Beachphotography Day Fair Rides Film Photography Kodacolor X 80 ASA Medium Format Film No People Wembley Sport 120
Lomography Lomo LC-Wide Expired Film Streetphoto
Expired Film Analog Photography Ilforddelta100 Salatiga INDONESIA Blackandwhite
Analogue Photography Beauty In Nature Black & White Boat Expired Film Lomography Minolta X700 Nature Port Sea Tranquil Scene Transportation
Expired Film expired Leicacamera Leica Minilux
Expired Film Easter 2014 In My Garden Klasse W
People Watching Lomo LC-Wide 35mm Film Expired Film
Taking Photos Real Film In My House Expired Film
Analog 35mm 35mm Film Travel Photography San Francisco Analogue Photography California Expired Film Hostel Exit Hallway Dark Hallway
Taking Photos Expired Film 35mm Film White Roses
Outside Easter 2014 Expired Film In My Garden
The town was the most desolate place I'd ever seen, in terms of a place where people once lived and went about their daily lives. Seeing it for what it was, it was almost impossible to imagine anyone or anything in it's vacinity. It was a literal hole in the ground. ~ Polaroid Impossible Project Square SX70 Instant Film Expired Film Close-up Selective Focus Branch Growth Desert Ghost Town Blossom Analogue Analogue Photography Kaleb M. Starr Black & White Black And White Collection  Black And White Photography Film Filmcommunity No People Film Photography Filmisnotdead Maximum Closeness
In My Garden Easter 2014 35mm Film Expired Film
Sky Low Angle View No People Outdoors Day Analogue Photography False Color Architecture Building Expired Film
Nikon Fm2n Expired Film Bali, Indonesia January