Stop bullying!

I have been bullied since the third grade. Scars on my thighs, legs, and stomach. Took pills, thought about suicide then once tried it. Took more than 10 pills. Surprised I am still alive. Tried killing myself so many times it isn't even funny. I cut badly. I would post pictures but that would be disturbing. I got pushed up against lockers and shit and even switched schools. Still getting bullied but I am just smiling and looking away. If you want to judge me, I am telling you now, go ahead. Nobody is perfect. I am different, yes, but aren't we all? So why are you bullying me to the point I cut and am getting sent to DePaul hospital 2 times within 3 months (December and March) for you making me feel like I am just a person that doesn't belong in this world? Think about it. Stop Bullying!
Stop Bullying!
Stop Bullying!
Stop Bullying! Taking Photos
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