Siera Perdana

Hello World
dear mr u remember that ring. it yours.. n sometimes i do feel empty without it on my right hand.. BTW its your birthday tommorow.. its mean we haven't seen each other in a year.. so I just want to wish u happy 21 birthday. i wish nothing but the best for u.. n i hope u're happy with your life. just be yourself. u r perfect in your own way. its gonna be a long night for me since last year me n kechik plan a lot of things for u n her boyfriend.. we planned to bring you guys to dinner at pullman or atmosphere 360. but neither of them came true.. haha.. silly us.. also your birthday present. I know how much you want that cap. and those decorations at the box. I'm not a creative kind of girl. and I really push myself to the limit to be as creative as i can just to make the perfect gift for u.. Broken Broken Heart Love Memory
Hanging Out
Graduation night with gg.
Graduation night with Encik Fadzil.