Recollections of a somber mind

Recollections Of A Somber Mind
Silent warrior. Recollections Of A Somber Mind  Modeling Backlight Glowing Intothelight Outdoor Photography Silent Moment Walktheline Jorney Thephotographer Creativity Photography Eye4photography  Vanishing Point Perspective Playingwithlight Fromadistance Underground Myhusband Tucson Az Blackandwhite Photography Fine Art Photography B&w Street Photography
Playing in tunnels with light and perspective. Showcase: November Tunnels Light At The End Of The Tunnel Blackandwhite Photography Tucson Az Myhusband Underground Fromadistance Playingwithlight Perspective Vanishing Point Photography Eye4photography  Thephotographer Creativity Jorney Walktheline Silent Moment Myperspective Outdoor Photography Intothelight Glowing B&w Street Photography Recollections Of A Somber Mind