Kansas City International Airport (MCI)

The earth looked like it was lit from within Like a poorly assembled electrical ball As we moved out of the farmlands into the grid The plan of a city was all that you saw And all of these people sitting totally still As the ground raced beneath them, thirty-thousand feet down It took an hour, maybe a day But once I really listened the noise just fell away And I was pretending that I was in a Galaxie 500 video The stewardess came back and checked on my drink In the last strings of sunlight, a Brigitte Bardot As I had on my headphones Along with those eyes that you get When your circumstance is movie-size Starting A Trip Heading Out A Day In In The Life Check This Out View From Above Nighttime Lights
From An Airplane Window Winter Is Coming
Golden light at MCI Sun Reflection Light And Shadow
Work stairs
On a beautiful journey Faces Of EyeEm Boarding Ireland🍀 Ireland Girl
At The Airport
Southwest Airlines Sunset
Flying High
Thunder? Lightning? A downpour? In December? In Kansas City? Weird weather.
Flying to Seattle in a few min. Then on to Montana. :) #mci #flyaway #bridge #splittingwayswithearth Splittingwayswithearth Bridge Mci  Jj_forum_0451 Flyaway
wing On The Run Flight ✈
The friendly sky - Layover Plane Airport
At Kansas City International Airport (MCI)
Going On A Trip
On my way back to the got a seat in the front of the plane. I need the leg room sh*t I am 6'3 ????????????
Between the Clouds Flight Home IPhoneography Cloud - Sky Sky Cloudscape Nature Dramatic Sky Beauty In Nature Tranquility Atmospheric Mood Scenics Backgrounds No People Sky Only Outdoors Blue Tranquil Scene Aerial View Ethereal Day Space Above
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