The Fira w/o the Mobile World Congress. You'll be missed and thanks for being a great host the other years. #MWC13 Mwc13
Montador aleman en Mwc13 , come "como en casa" pero al sol
Grey and rainy day in Barcelona. #MWC13 Mwc13
Thank You plantronics, it was great to talk to Emily at #MWC13 Mwc13
Lovely coffee art on the Nokia stand. #CoffeeTweet #MWC13 Coffeetweet Mwc13
Just arrived: iPhoneTrip data SIM cards to stay connected at the #MWC13. Perfect companion for my Huawei E5331 MiFi. Mwc13
Good morning world, good morning Barcelona. Mobile World Congress 2013, day 3 ahead. #MWC13 Mwc13
Free and secure device charging. A handy box many here appreciate. ;-) #MWC13 Mwc13
Working in Barcelona. But something is wrong in this photo. #MWC13 Mwc13
Reinvented around me? Thanks Microsoft! ;-) #MWC13 Mwc13
Good morning world, good morning from rainy but warmer Barcelona. #MWC13 Mwc13
More #MWC13 gifts: OlloClip photo lens for iPhone 5. I'll try to adapt them to my Androids. Mwc13
SIM card dealer... ;-) #MWC13 Mwc13
More #MWC13 gifts: thank you Jabra for Revo and Vox headsets :-) Mwc13
Just arrived: Mugen Power extended battery for my Huawei E5331 Mobile WiFi - more power at the forthcoming #MWC13 Mwc13
Thank You imcollection #ManuelZanella #EnnioDoris for the nice chat and the #ImWatch #MWC13 Mwc13 Manuelzanella Imwatch Enniodoris
More #MWC13 gifts: thank you Nokia for more power in the same color of my Lumia 800. Mwc13
Thanks GSMA and Vodafone, I love you too but you already know. ;-) #MWC13 Mwc13
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